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Chami has published 140 plugins for HTML-Kit Tools, and 231 plugins for HTML-Kit 292 (listed separately).

From Chami

I accidentally started HTML-Kit and intentionally kept it going. When I'm not working on HTML-Kit (power was out that one time), I enjoy trying my had at recipes with less than five items and pretending to understand cosmology.

As much as I appreciate computer programming, it's the end result of creating something even slightly useful that's most rewarding.

Florida, USA
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Anchor link
Anchor name
Add property, set/get methods
Alter selected text
Convert text to HTML table
Convert text to HTML unordered list
Insert or convert to a user-specified tag
Insert or convert to strong
Strip tags from text
Options for inserting Server-Side Includes (SSI) elements
PHP and MySQL related code snippets
CSS related code snippets
Count words
Insert date and time
Input dialogs in JavaScript
Wrap selected text with tags
Mailto in JavaScript
Virtual pages and snippets inside HTML-Kit HTML plugins
Wrap selected text with tags
Tags and functions related to ColdFusion MX 6.1
HTML Doctype
A plugin for inserting HTML tags and attributes
Incomplete French Translation (55%)
A quick list of HTML tags and attributes.
Midnight 1 Style
Dutch dictionary for the spelling checker.
Open eBook Publication Structure 1.0
Beautify PHP code
Insert PHP code block
PHP .NET functions
PHP Apache functions
PHP Arrays functions
PHP Aspell functions
PHP BCMath functions
PHP Bzip2 functions
PHP Calendar functions
PHP CCVS functions
PHP Classes functions
PHP ClibPDF functions
PHP COM functions
PHP Crack functions
PHP ctype functions
PHP CURL functions
PHP Cybercash functions
PHP Cyrus functions
PHP Date functions
PHP DB++ functions
PHP dba functions
PHP dBase functions
PHP DBM functions
PHP dbx functions
PHP Direct functions
PHP Directories functions
PHP DOM functions
PHP Errors functions
PHP fam functions
PHP FDF functions
PHP filePro functions
PHP Filesystem functions
PHP FriBiDi functions
PHP FrontBase functions
PHP FTP functions
PHP Function functions
PHP gettext functions
PHP GMP functions
PHP HTTP functions
PHP Hyperwave functions
PHP Hyperwave functions
PHP ICAP functions
PHP iconv functions
PHP IIS functions
PHP Image functions
PHP IMAP functions
PHP Informix functions
PHP Ingres functions
PHP InterBase functions
PHP IRC functions
PHP Java functions
PHP LDAP functions
PHP Lotus functions
PHP Mail functions
PHP mailparse functions
PHP Math functions
PHP MCAL functions
PHP mcrypt functions
PHP MCVE functions
PHP mhash functions
PHP Mimetype functions
PHP Ming functions
PHP Misc. functions
PHP mnoGoSearch functions
PHP MS functions
PHP Msession functions
PHP mSQL functions
PHP Multi-Byte functions
PHP muscat functions
PHP MySQL functions
PHP mysqli functions
PHP Ncurses functions
PHP Network functions
PHP NSAPI functions
PHP Object functions
PHP Object functions
PHP OCI8 functions
PHP ODBC functions
PHP OpenSSL functions
PHP Oracle functions
PHP Output functions
PHP OvrimosSQL functions
PHP PCNTL functions
PHP PCRE functions
PHP PDF functions
PHP PHP functions
PHP POSIX functions
PHP PostgreSQL functions
PHP Printer functions
PHP Program functions
PHP Pspell functions
PHP qtdom functions
PHP Readline functions
PHP Recode functions
PHP Regexps functions
PHP Semaphore functions
PHP SESAM functions
PHP Sessions functions
PHP shmop functions
PHP SNMP functions
PHP Sockets functions
PHP SQLite functions
PHP Streams functions
PHP Strings functions
PHP SWF functions
PHP Sybase functions
PHP tidy functions
PHP Tokenizer functions
PHP URLs functions
PHP Variables functions
PHP Verisign functions
PHP vpopmail functions
PHP W32api functions
PHP WDDX functions
PHP XML functions
PHP XML-RPC functions
PHP XSLT functions
PHP YAZ functions
PHP YP functions
PHP Zip functions
PHP Zlib functions
RSS 0.91 - Body
RSS 0.91 - Item
Add text to start/end of HTML page titles
Adds options for inserting XHTML Basic tags and attributes.
Copenhagen Nights Style
HTML5 Tag Reminders
Basic HTML tags
Italian Translation
base target
snippet to insert base href
Locates Style (CSS) Area
inline Area: CSS
inline Area: Flash
inline Area: JavaScript
Clipboard content (IE only)
Display date, time, time zone
Detect browser and OS
Disable enter key in forms
current document URL
Image change
Is safari or konqueror?
Display local variables
Detect platform (win/mac/linux)
Preload Image
Obtain selected option of <select> element
Set BG image
Scroll to bottom of text area
Locate JavaScript Area
meta forwarding (refresh)
general+ dublin core meta informations
Date: DD MM YY
Factorial integer
Get cookie data
Get string between
Date: D Month YYYY
Date: HH MM SS (AM/PM)
Date: Month, Dht, YYYY
Odd or even?
Prime numbers
Random number
Replace first
Replace last
Set cookie local
several date & time variations
String position
String replace
1x1 Pixel blank.gif
Block Comment
Characters map
Clean line endings
Escaped Return Character
Escaped Tab Character
Escape quote and double quote characters
Make IMG tags XHTML compliant
Indent Lines
Limit line length
Locate IP-Address
Screen Magnification
Merge lines
PHP Shorthand (arrays, variables handling)
PHP Shorthand (classes and objects)
PHP Shorthand (control structures)
PHP Shorthand (filesystem, directories, direct i/o, fileinfo)
PHP Shorthand (mail, mailparse, imap+ pop3+ nntp)
PHP Shorthand (math, scalable precision math, date+time, calendar)
PHP Shorthand (mysql, xml parser, mssql)
PHP Shorthand (sessions, session pgsql, mohawk software session)
PHP Shorthand (strings, multibyte strings, character types)
PHP Shorthand (urls, network, stream functions)
Reduce multiple linefeeds
Remove whitespace before opening curly braces
Shorthand Wizard (for plugin authors)
Unindent Lines
Unspace TDs and DIVs
Windows for Workgroups Chat
IExpress Wizard
ODBC Datasource Administrator
Wrap lines
Lite Brite
Nederlands menu
Joomla 1.5 Template Kit
SVG Path Optimizer
PHP Online Reference
SELFHTML ??? HTML-Referenz (DE)
Traduccion al Espanol
Convert HTML Tag to XHTML
Task List
CSS properties, values and other snippets.
XSLT related code snippets
SQL statements with emphasis on PostgreSQL
JavaScript related code snippets.