Build 2014.08.02   (DM'14 build)

  • Go to Line Pop-up

    "Go to Line" pop-up brings up a list of bookmarks for jumping to lines and viewing line content.
    To use this feature, open a document and bookmark several lines using Ctrl+F2. Click the "Line/Column" link on the status bar. When the Go to Line window pops up, hold the mouse pointer over a line number to have a peek at the content. If you close the window (Escape key or X icon) without clicking a line, it'll take you back to the line you were editing.

Build 2014.08.01   (DM'14 build)

  • Insert on Copy

    "Edit > Paste Plus > Insert on Copy" menu option brings up a docked window that gathers text as you copy text, inside HTML-Kit or in other applications.
    For example, let's say that you have a list of unformatted links. It could be a file opened in HTML-Kit, a web page in a browser or just plain text in any other type of application. These URLs aren't in any particular order or in a list. To create a ordered list out of them you might have to manually copy each URL, switch to HTML-Kit, paste and wrap it in ... tags. With this new Insert on Copy feature, you can simply keep copying these URLs and let HTML-Kit construct HTML anchor tags for you. You don't even have to switch back and forth HTML-Kit and the other application. This is just a quick example but you can copy any type of text and have it wrapped in custom code.

Build 2014.07.09   (DM'14 build)

  • Language Picker

    There's now a new section on the UI Theme drop-down for selecting the user interface language. Currently supports toggling between English, Dutch, German, Italian and Spanish.

Build 2014.07.08   (DM'14 build)

  • Setup with Spanish Translation

    The setup program has been updated with Spanish translation kindly provided by Rodrigo. Selecting Spanish at the start of the setup also enables Spanish translation in HTML-Kit Tools. Thank you Rodrigo!
  • Dutch, German and Italian translations have also been updated to the latest versions. Thank you Gerard, Martin and Luca!

Build 2014.07.07   (DM'14 build)

  • Windows 8 Computer Security Compliance Compatibility

    Support for running on PCs with Windows 8 Computer Security Compliance Group Policy Objects (typically in environments where multiple computers are managed through a Domain Controller).

Build 2014.07.06   (DM'14 build)

  • Fix for cached previews not updating while editing style sheets.

Build 2014.07.05   (DM'14 build)

  • Find Next with Text at the Cursor

    Ctrl+F3 ("Edit > Find Selection") finds the next occurrence of the selected text. If no text is selected, selects the word at the caret and waits for a second Ctrl+F3. This is done to give a chance to verify the automatic selection.
  • Initial support for editing Lua language ( files (*.lua)

Build 2014.07.04   (DM'14 build)

  • Initial support for editing Dart language ( files (*.dart)
  • Initial support for editing TypeScript language ( files (*.ts)
  • Initial support for editing Erlang language ( files (*.erl)