HTML-Kit ChangeLog

20081003 - Snippets icon on the main Actions Bar; Incremental search and GoTo improvements; Duplicate View colorizer and toolbar;

+ Quick action toolbar on Duplicate View window ("View > Window > Duplicate Document View") for toggling between word wrap mode and horizontal scroll mode.Rating:  

+ Duplicate View window can toggle between a monochrome colorizer, and a colorizer that match the current colorizer used by the main editor.Rating:  

+ Icon on the Actions Bar (CH-1) for inserting and creating snippets.Rating:  

+ Hints for "Browse Plugin Categories" drop-down menu on the Actions Bar.Rating:  

# New icon for project related options on the Actions Bar.Rating:  

+ "Duplicate Line/Selection" and "Swap Lines" options appear on editor context menu.Rating:  

+ New field format for inserting additional functions like "datetime" in templates and snippets. [...]Rating:  

+ GoTo dialog ("Edit > GoTo") has a button for accessing other GoTo actions.Rating:  

+ Incremental search displays a Kit Hint if a full match isn't found, in addition to information about wheather the search was continued from the top.Rating:  

+ When using incremental search, if a complete match isn't found by the time the dialog is closed by clicking "OK" or pressing Enter, the caret is placed at the last partial match. If "Cancel" is clicked or ESC is pressed, restores the caret to where it was when the search was started.Rating:  

# Slightly faster line splashing (which occurs after incremental search, for example).Rating:  

+ When sending feedback ("Help > Feedback" menu options), if the submission doesn't go through because of Internet connection failure or other reason, opens the feedback text in a new document for resubmission at a later time.Rating:  

! The width of the line number gutter/area accounts for larger font sizes when editor text is zoomed ("View > Editor > Text Size").Rating:  

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! Fixes (1; 75)
# Notes (2; 124)
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