General Release 2016.10.15

  • Find and type over

    With this feature you can quickly update multiple occurrences of the same text.


    Click inside the first instance of the text that you want to change. Press Ctrl+I to highlight the next instance of the same text. Keep pressing Ctrl+I until all instances are highlighted. Now you can start typing to change all of those instances at the same time. Press the ESCape key to go back to regular editing mode.

  • Multiple carets

    It's also possible to create multiple edit points at arbitrary locations.


    To type over multiple words, double click the first word. While pressing the Ctrl key down, double click on another word. Repeat until all words that you would like to update are highlighted. Start typing to overwrite all of them at the same time.

  • Update rows of text at once

    Multiple lines of text that are in a row can also be updated with a single edit.


    Inside a row of lines, click the starting column. While holding Ctrl and Alt keys down, drag the mouse to the right (to add to the column) and then drag the mouse down (to add lines). Release the keys and mouse buttons, and start typing to replace all highlighted items in one go.

  • Improved support for Emmet

    Emmet coding (previously called Zen Coding) support has been updated to the latest version and now covers CSS, SVG and XSL, in addition to HTML.

    • Support for the very latest Emmet. Try typing ! (without quotes) and pressing Ctrl+E in a HTML file.
    • CSS expansion inside inline attributes, style blocks and files (CSS, LESS, SASS). Try bgc (skip quotes).
    • SVG expansion. Try !svg (skip quotes) in a *.svg file.
    • XSL abbreviations inside .xsl files. Try *xsl (skip quotes).
  • Untitled document names

    When you create new documents, the default untitled tabs now get more readable names than before. Previously, untitled tabs had long labels based on date and time.

  • User Interface theme picker

    The user interface theme picker has been improved and, if no files are open, now opens a demonstration document to make it easier to preview changes in real-time.

  • Most Recently Used list on the "File" menu is no longer limited to 100 items.
  • FTP servers that disconnect on idle are retried with incrementally increasing timeouts.
  • Fixed the QR code on Extended Preview dialog scrolling out of view.
  • Fixed the Find icon not invoking the find dialog. The menu items and shortcuts were not affected.
  • Fixed Paste Selection icon on the Find dialog to activate when a selection is made.
  • Fixed the preview window from jumping to the top while saving under certain scenarios.
  • Fixed custom Wrap Indent setting resetting to 4 characters.