Build 2014.08.01   (DM'14 build)

  • Insert on Copy

    "Edit > Paste Plus > Insert on Copy 2" menu option brings up a docked window that gathers text as you copy text, inside HTML-Kit or in other applications.
    For example, let's say that you have a list of unformatted links. It could be a file opened in HTML-Kit, a web page in a browser or just plain text in any other type of application. These URLs aren't in any particular order or in a list. To create a ordered list out of them you might have to manually copy each URL, switch to HTML-Kit, paste and wrap it in ... tags. With this new Insert on Copy feature, you can simply keep copying these URLs and let HTML-Kit construct HTML anchor tags for you. You don't even have to switch back and forth HTML-Kit and the other application. This is just a quick example but you can copy any type of text and have it wrapped in custom code.