HTML-Kit ChangeLog

20140705 - HTML-Kit Tools build 20140705

+ Ctrl+F3 ("Edit > Find Selection") for quickly finding the next occurrence of the selected text. If no text is selected, selects the word at the caret and waits for a second Ctrl+F3. This is done to give a chance to verify the automatic selection.

+ Initial support for editing Lua language ( files (*.lua)

20140704 - HTML-Kit Tools build 20140704

+ Initial support for editing Dart language ( files (*.dart)

+ Initial support for editing TypeScript language ( files (*.ts)

+ Initial support for editing Erlang language ( files (*.erl)

20140703 - HTML-Kit Tools build 20140703

+ File name displayed on the bottom of the editor (next to Edit and Preview tabs) can now be clicked for quickly accessing file related actions. More to come.

+ "Show in Explorer" option on document tab right click menu opens the document folder in Windows Explorer with the file name selected.

+ "Show in Explorer" option on the right click menu in project windows opens Windows Explorer and selects the file name. If the project item is a folder, opens the folder in Windows Explorer. Only applicable to local files and folders.

+ Initial support for editing Haskell language ( files (*.hs)

+ Startup splash screen in TreeHouse builds displays additional information about the types of plugins being initialized.

20140702 - HTML-Kit Tools build 20140702

+ Initial support for editing Rust language ( files (*.rs)

+ Initial support for editing D language ( files (*.d)

20140701 - HTML-Kit Tools build 20140701

+ "File > Open Folder" menu option opens a window for viewing and editing files in the selected folder. This provides most of the benefits of creating a project but without the hassle of manually setting up a dedicated project and adding folders.

+ Initial support for editing Go language ( files (*.go)

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