General Release 2017.03.21

  • High-resolution monitors and display scaling

    HTML-Kit Tools user interface has been updated to take advantage of high resolution monitors up to 4K. Regardless of the monitor, if your Windows setting for text size is over 100%, you'll notice a difference in sharpness. Your code in the editor, file explorer and many other parts of the user interface will appear more crisp than they did with previous versions.


    These screenshots are compressed and may not look as sharp as the actual result. Don't forget to restart Windows after changing display scaling in Windows Settings.

  • Fira Code

    Fira Code in retina style can now be used in the main editor with a couple of clicks. To see which of the eight coding fonts works best for you, click the UI drop-down shown in the screenshot and hover over the font name for a live preview.

  • Character encoding window

    The character encoding window on the Actions Bar (View > Actions Bar > Channel 3 menu option), now expands to fill the available screen space.

  • Buttons on channel 3 for converting the selected text to HTML entities. These new options can convert markup only (< > " ' &), alphabet only, or both at the same time.
  • HTML Tidy (F9 key) has been update to better support HTML5.
  • Naming untitled documents

    The way untitled documents and tabs are named can be changed under Edit > Preferences > Files > Untitled File Name Style.

    • A to Z style (default), simply appends a letter as in 'Untitled-A.html'
    • Date and Time (original style going back to early builds of HTML-Kit): 'Untitled-20170213-2207.html'
    • Animals style generates 'Untitled-sneezing-puppy.html' and other cheerful names!
  • Number of matches indicator

    A hint indicating the number of matches is displayed for find and replace actions.

    • Find dialog (Ctrl+F): Find in Open Documents, Mark All, and Bookmark and Mark All.
    • Replace dialog (Ctrl+H): Replace/OK (for viewing what would change), Replace in Open Documents, and Replace All.
  • Improved support for multi-monitor configurations

    Switching between a laptop and an external display often means adjusting to different resolutions and work areas. Because of this, you may want the find interface (or any other window) to appear on different corners for different monitors. HTML-Kit Tools now remembers where you place each window along with its size, per monitor, so it's easy to go back and forth without retuning your workspace.

  • Size of the line number gutter shrinks when it has unused space, to give more space to the editor. In previous versions, the gutter expanded in size when necessary but didn't shrink back down as the number of lines changed.
  • Incremental speed optimizations related to file handling and editor refresh speed.
  • Status Bar now displays the number of carets or selections, in multi-edit mode.

  • HTML-Kit installer has been updated to better support Windows 10.
  • Tested on the latest update to Windows 10 -- Creators Update. Windows version 1703 (March 2017) build 15063.0.

  • Fixed a bug where F8 preview sometimes incorrectly prompts to save the current file.
  • Color Picker window no longer cancels multi-edit mode.
  • Fixed Windows 10 version displayed on Help > About dialog.