How to use updated-on datestamps

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Want HTML-Kit Tools to keep "Updated On" labels in your documents up-to-date as you save? You can do this using auto datestamp feature in Tools as described below.

How do I add a datestamp?

  1. Move the caret/cursor where you would like the datestamp to appear in your HTML document.
  2. Select "Edit > Extra > Insert document settings block" from the main menu.
  3. Check the "Add date/time label" option and click "OK."

How do I get HTML-Kit Tools to actually update datestamp labels?

Once you insert the HTML-Kit Tools datestamp label, saving the document will update the datestamp label.

Can I use datestamp labels inserted by HTML-Kit 292 in HTML-Kit Tools?

Although they’re similar, in order to get HTML-Kit Tools to automatically update datestamps when you save it’s necessary to insert datestamp labels in HTML-Kit Tools. You only have to do this once per document.

Is it possible to have multiple datestamp labels in one document?

Yes, "Insert document settings block" menu option can be used to insert additional datestamp labels. Only the datestamp label should be inserted (without the header), when inserting the second and additional datestamps.

How do I change the format of datestamp labels?

Please refer to this complete list of date/time format strings.

I changed the date/time format. How do I get HTML-Kit Tools to use it?

HTML-Kit Tools will pick up the new date/time format when you reopen the document. Otherwise, you can use "Edit > Extra > Apply document settings block" to apply the change immediately.

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