Editing with Unicode and UTF-8

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Need to edit multi-byte characters? Unicode character editing and UTF-8 encoding is built into HTML-Kit Tools.

With Unicode mode, you can natively edit multi-byte characters such as Japanese characters.

Pages that use English/Latin characters only: If your pages are written in English or Latin character set, and you want to specify UTF-8 encoding in HTML/XHTML/XML documents, it’s not necessary to change preferences as described in this article. It’s recommended that you keep the default character encoding settings, unless most of your pages contain characters outside of English/Latin character set.

If only a small number of pages contain multi-byte/non-Latin characters: Instead of setting the default character encoding, select UTF-8 only when opening and saving documents with multi-byte characters. The dialogs for opening and saving files have an option to select the character encoding.

If all or most pages contain multi-byte/non-Latin characters: If all or most of your documents contain high Unicode characters, you can make UTF-8 the default encoding (UTF-8 is a way to represent Unicode characters) as follows:

  1. Select "Edit > Preferences" from the main menu.
  2. Change to the "Files" tab and find the "Encoding" section.
  3. Change "Default file encoding" to UTF-8.
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