Troubleshooting FTP server connections

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In most cases, you can simply add a FTP server (also called a Remote Folder) and start using it without any problems. If you run into a roadblock here are some tips to help you troubleshoot it.

First things first. If you haven’t already added your FTP server (Remote Folder) to HTML-Kit Tools, here’s how:

  1. Open your HTML-Kit Tools project. There are many shortcuts for this but using the main menu, select "File > Projects > Show Project." If you’re moving from HTML-Kit 292, see How to Import 292 Workspace.
  2. Double click "Add remote folder." If you prefer to use the menu, right click top of the project and select "Add Folders > Add Remote Folder."
  3. Fill in your FTP server information, such as the Server Address, Login Username and Password. Click "OK" to save FTP folder settings and start using it.

Now to troubleshooting… If the FTP folder doesn’t open, right click it and select "Extra > View Log." You’ll see a list of commands and messages exchanged between the FTP server and HTML-Kit Tools FTP client interface. The exact content of these messages varies depending upon the server. However, it should be possible to figure out the underlying issue in general.

The FTP log is short or there’s no log at all

Most likely, Tools was unable to locate the FTP server. Open FTP settings dialog and make sure that the "Server Address" is correct. It should be entered without the ftp:// prefix. For example, ftp://my_ftp_server_address should be entered simply as my_ftp_server_address

Can’t send any commands to the FTP server or the initial connection is timing out

Starting with the basics, check if your Internet connection is working by opening a new web site in your browser. Don’t open a site you’ve been viewing since it could be loading from the browser cache. Also verify that your FTP server is working, by entering its address in your web browser with the ftp:// prefix. For example, enter: ftp://your_ftp_server_address and press Enter. Most major web browsers are able to open FTP sites as well.

FTP server is accessible from web browser but times out in HTML-Kit Tools

If your computer is equipped with a software firewall (most modern operating systems and computers come with a software firewall), make sure that it’s allowing HTML-Kit Tools to connect to FTP servers. HTML-Kit Tools uses the standard FTP port of 21 by default. After updating your software firewall, restart HTML-Kit Tools and try to make the FTP connection again.

Also make sure that "Passive Mode" option is enabled on FTP settings dialog. It is enabled by default and makes it easier to access FTP servers through firewalls.

FTP server is not accepting my username or password

Double check that your FTP username and password are entered correctly. In most cases, these are case-sensitive so make sure that the CAPS lock is not unintentionally turned on while typing.

Hidden files are not listed under the FTP folder

If your FTP server has hidden files and if you need to access them, open FTP settings dialog and update the "LIST Options" field. Depending upon the FTP server, entering a LIST command parameter such as -lA, -al or -A may cause the FTP server to list hidden files.

I want to view files in a sub folder of my FTP server

If your FTP server is full of sub folders and if you don’t want to reopen these folders every time you open the FTP folder in your project, you can set the "Initial Path" option on the FTP settings dialog. For example, if you want to start listing files at the /pub/www_files/ folder-level, enter /pub/www_files/ in "Initial Path" field.

Still no joy?

If you’re still scratching your head trying to figure out where to start looking, statistically speaking at least, most FTP issues are unrelated to HTML-Kit itself. So in most cases, you might want to double check FTP login information, firewall rules and server configuration first.

If these suggestions don’t help resolve the FTP connection issue you’re having, feel free to post your problem on the Support Forum. Please include any relevant information from the FTP log, with usernames, passwords and IP addresses crossed out.

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