Wrapping selected text with snippets

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Snippets in HTML-Kit Tools can be customized to incorporate the selected text as follows:

  • Open a document and select the text that you’d like to use in the new snippet.
  • Select "File > Save As > Save as Snippet" from the main menu.
  • Enter a title for the snippet and note the "Name" field.
  • Check "Edit in snippet manager" option and click "OK"
  • When the "Snippet Manager" dialog appears, select the snippet name (as listed in the "Name" field above).
  • Update the snippet code to include "{{SELTEXT}}" and "useseltext=1″ as shown below:
    #@begin-text "default" [useseltext=1, movecursor=1]

    text before selection|


    text after

    #@end-text "default"

  • Click "OK" to save changes

Now you can use this new snippet to wrap the selected text.

  • Open a document and select the target text.
  • Press Ctrl+Shift+I to open "Insert Snippet" dialog.
  • Click your snippet name. The selected text will be wrapped in "before" and "after" text.

Note that the "|" character is used to indicate caret location. It is optional and can be removed along with the "movecursor=1″ setting.

For more information on "begin-text" – "end-text" blocks in HTML-Kit Tools, please see Custom Actions.

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