Getting user input in PHP plugins

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Starting with HTML-Kit Tools 20090512, PHP plugins can easily request user input using multi-field dialogs.

PHP sample code (see "PHP in plugins" first)

$sSelText = $HKit->GetSelText();
$aFields = array(
  array('id' => 'html', 'type'=>'checkbox', 'prompt'=>'HTML Comment', 'value'=>'1'),
  array('id' => 'subject', 'type'=>'text', 'prompt'=>'Subject', 'value'=>'', 'watermark'=>'Comment subject'),
  array('id' => 'notes', 'type'=>'memo', 'prompt'=>'Notes', 'value'=>$sSelText)
$aR = $HKit->GetInput( array('title'=>'Add Comment'), $aFields );
  $bHTMLComment = ('1' == $aR['html']);
  $s = $bHTMLComment ? "<!--\n" : "/*\n";
  $s .= "Subject: ". $aR['subject'] ."\n\n\n";
  $s .= "Notes:\n". $aR['notes'] ."\n\n";
  $s .= $bHTMLComment ? "\n-->\n" : "\n*/\n";
  $s .= "\n";
  echo $s;
  $HKit->MessageBox( $bHTMLComment ? 'HTML-style comment' : 'CSS-style comment');
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