Upgrading with HTML-Kit 292 Workspace

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292-To-Tools-Same: Importing HTML-Kit 292 Workspace into HTML-Kit Tools (on the same computer)

If you’re moving from HTML-Kit 292 to HTML-Kit Tools on the same computer, you don’t have to manually re-enter your Workspace settings.

  • Select "File > Projects > Import HTML-Kit 292 Workspace" from HTML-Kit Tools main menu.
  • Enter a name for the new project. You can choose any name for the project, such as My 292 Worksapce

HTML-Kit Tools makes it possible to organize and access local, network and remote/FTP folders as projects. Projects in HTML-Kit Tools improves on the 292 Workspace.

292-To-292-New: Importing HTML-Kit 292 Workspace into a new installation of HTML-Kit 292 (on a new computer)

If you’re installing HTML-Kit 292 on a new computer and would like to import Workspace settings from an installation of HTML-Kit 292 that’s on another computer, you can import folders and FTP servers as described on this page.

Tools-To-Tools-New: Importing HTML-Kit Tools projects into a new installation of HTML-Kit Tools (on a new computer)

Importing HTML-Kit Tools projects (and other configuration) into a new installation of Tools on a new computer is quite easy. Simply copy config.hsf file from the old installation to the new installation. By default, this file can be found in C:Program FilesHTML-KitToolsbin directory. Be sure to close/exit HTML-Kit Tools on both computers before copying config files.

292-To-Tools-New: Importing HTML-Kit 292 Workspace into a new installation of HTML-Kit Tools (on a new computer)

There are multiple ways of doing this but in many cases the following is the easiest method:

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