Customizing file types

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Open File and Save File dialogs in HTML-Kit Tools come with File Type filters for commonly used file types. Depending on file types used in your current project, you may find yourself clicking the Files of type drop-down list to change the default file type. You can reduce the number of these clicks by changing the default File Type filter. You can also add new file types if necessary.

Setting the default File Type Filter

From HTML-Kit Tools’ main menu, select "File > Open From > Open with File Name Filter." A list of filters will be displayed on the last menu. Pick the file type that you tend to use most often, for example, the "HTML Files" filter. This choice will be remembered between sessions as you reopen HTML-Kit Tools.

Adding new file types

To add a new file type to Open File and Save File dialogs:

  • Select "File > Open From > Open with File Name Filter > Edit" from the main menu.
  • In the File Name Filter Manager, select one of the default filters such as "hkDefault."
  • Click the "Duplicate" icon to create a copy of the selected filter. Enter a new name such as "MyFileTypeFilter" and click "OK."
  • Inside the newly created filter, change the "title" field to "My File Type Filter" or other display name you prefer.
  • The file types and file extensions are listed in the "default" section. You can edit these items or add new items to include file types that you commonly use.
  • Click "OK" to save changes and close the manager window.
  • Finally go back to the "Open with File Name Filter" menu and select your custom File Type filter. At this point Tools can be restarted without loosing the currently selected file type filter.
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