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Did you know that HTML-Kit Tools can create local discussion groups for chatting and sharing source code? This article describes how to create a discussion server on your LAN.

The following steps assume that your friends at work are using HTML-Kit Tools and that their computers are connected to a single local area network (LAN). To keep things simple, let’s also assume that computer A has the IP and that computer B has the IP

  1. Open HTML-Kit Tools on computer A ( Select "Tools > Group Discussion > Start New Discussion Server" from the main menu. Enter a title such as "Code Chat" and click "OK"
  2. On the same computer (computer A), select "Tools > Group Discussion> Join Discussion" from the main menu. Enter for the "Server Address" and click "OK."
  3. On computer B, select "Tools > Group Discussion > Join Discussion" and enter  for the "Server Address." Click "OK."

Given that this network traffic between computer A and B is not blocked by any firewalls, you should now be able to chat with your friend on the other computer.

To send source code, click the "Show shared windows" button. Paste some code in the first window and click "Show my code to others" to send it to everyone in your local discussion group.

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