Keyboard Shortcuts in Html-Kit Tools

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Check out Html-Kit Tools Control based shortcuts. After pressing the control key and either the p, k, q, or t key a handy reference pops up on your screen presenting a list of available shortcut combinations. Simply scan the list, find the shortcut you want and press the associated key (while pressing the [ctrl] key), the reference disappears and the key combination associated action is carried out.

One of the benefits of this system is that it’s "learn as you go", say you want to mark a selection of text, press [crtl] + k and scan until you find it either by the brief description or its identifier [Mark Selection]. Press [crtl] again (that’s if you even bothered releasing it) and then press F2. Your selection is now marked in the editor and you didn’t even have to worry about closing the reference. Alternatively double clicking the line in the chart has the same effect. It probably won’t take very long to memorize favorite keyboard shortcuts this way and soon even glancing at the reference won’t be necessary.

Need more power"Tools"? On the "Tools" menu select "Context keys -> Edit and manage context keys." Now it’s easy to create any number of mappings that can be invoked by the [crtl]+P sequence.

To help in getting started check out the generalized keyboard shortcuts chart found by navigating "Help-> Keyboard shortcuts-> General keyboard shortcuts"

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