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Running HTML-Kit 292 on Windows Vista and Windows 7 Monday, September 7th, 2009

HTML-Kit 292 runs on Win 95 through Win 7. If you’re having any issues running it on Vista or Windows 7, consider the information in this document.

Keyboard shortcut for copying Tidy output

Want to speed up copying Tidy suggested code to the editor window in HTML-Kit 292?

Unicode / UTF-8 and HTML-Kit 292

Want to edit Unicode characters in HTML-Kit 292? Although 292 doesn’t provide native support for Unicode characters, it comes with limited support for UTF-8.

Temporary files used in preview

Are you seeing temporary files in HTML-Kit 292? Not to worry, these are… temporary.

Preserving read-only attribute

Do you work with read-only files in HTML-Kit 292? This article describes how to update read-only file settings.


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