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Previewing SVG in HTML-Kit Thursday, December 17th, 2009

This article describes how to preview Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) in HTML-Kit Tools and HTML-Kit 292.

Give the gift of a HTML-Kit registration

Know someone that could use HTML-Kit Tools? Now you can get them a Gift Registration!

Running HTML-Kit on Windows 7

Wondering about running HTML-Kit on Windows 7? Both HTML-Kit Tools and HTML-Kit 292 run on Windows 7.

How to install PHP on the local computer

If you plan to run HTML-Kit plugins written in PHP, you’ll need a local installation of PHP. This document describes how to download and install PHP on a Windows desktop computer.

Running HTML-Kit 292 on Windows Vista and Windows 7

HTML-Kit 292 runs on Win 95 through Win 7. If you’re having any issues running it on Vista or Windows 7, consider the information in this document.


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