How to install PHP on the local computer

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If you plan to run HTML-Kit plugins written in PHP, you'll need a local installation of PHP. This document describes how to download and install PHP on a Windows desktop computer.

Note that the following steps are only for installing PHP on desktop computers running Windows 2000 or higher. Refer to the PHP website for information on installing PHP on server computers.

  1. Close HTML-Kit.
  2. Download Windows Binary installer from the PHP website. For your convenience, here’s a direct link to the PHP installer.
  3. Run the downloaded PHP installer. If you get a prompt to select a web server and if you don’t run a web server on your local computer (or if you’re not sure), select the "no server" option. If you already have a web server installed on the local computer, you can select it from the list.
  4. To verify the installation, open a Command Prompt window ("Windows Start Menu > Programs > Accessories") and type the following command, which should display the PHP version number: PHP -v
  5. After completing the installation of PHP, restart HTML-Kit.

If you don’t already have any PHP plugins in HTML-Kit, here are some plugins you could try:

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