Tools update 20100501

May 1st, 2010 by HTML-Kit Support      Tags: Tools ChangeLog       Views: 10150
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  • Alt+W brings up "Open Documents" window. It provides another way to select currently open documents. The list is categorized into file extensions. Each document is listed with the file name first, followed by the file path, for improved readability. Also accessible through the "View > Window > Open Documents Window" main menu option.Screenshot
  • A list of Recently Closed Files is displayed in the Open Documents window for quickly reopening local files. The recently closed files list is remembered between sessions.Screenshot
  • Open Documents window appears if 5 or more files are open. "Preferences > Files > Misc > Show Open Documents Window if the number of open files is" option for setting when to trigger the Open Documents window.Screenshot
  • A new icon with various drop-down options for inserting definition list tags DL/DT/DD on the HTML tab.Screenshot
  • Accelerator characters added to dialogs with multiple tabs for quickly switching tabs using Tab+AccelChar. When switching tabs, focuses the first field and remembers the last selected field.Screenshot
  • Editor right click opens up a docked window with text actions such as Uppercase and Convert to Unordered List. Once the docked window is opened, text actions can be more easily accessed without having to browse to TextActions sub menu on the right click menu.Screenshot
  • "Preferences > Advanced > Show editor context menu options on a docked window" option for controlling whether the Text Actions window is automatically displayed or not.Screenshot
  • Options on "Editor right click > Text Actions" menu for opening Text Actions in a dialog or a docked window.Screenshot
  • Options on "Editor right click > Caret Actions" menu for opening Caret Actions in a dialog or a docked window.Screenshot
  • "Restore Previous Version" and "Restore Session" manager dialogs on "File > Restore" menu display colorized versions of files.Screenshot
  • Improved file naming and file information when opening files from "Restore Previous Version" and "Restore Session" manager dialogs on "File > Restore"Screenshot
  • More spacious Actions Bar Channel tabs. Tabs also display the keyboard shortcut for switching them (Shift+F11).Screenshot
  • Improved the area where editor notes are displaed at the top. For an example, select "File > New > HTML Strict"Screenshot
  • Changed Size and Date column names in project windows to display icons. This should help save screen/column space.Screenshot
  • The old Vista-style dark color theme is back on "Kit > User Interface Theme > Primary Colors > Black."Screenshot
  • Smoother showing/hiding of docked windows. For example, hides the Text Actions window once an action is selected if it's in auto-hide mode instead of exiting auto-hide mode.Screenshot
  • Fixed a cursor jumping case when a selection is made from bottom to top.
See Also:   HTML-Kit Tools ChangeLog   |   More Screenshots   |   Download HTML-Kit Tools
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