Tools update 20091023

October 23rd, 2009 by HTML-Kit Support      Tags: Tools ChangeLog       Views: 6062
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  • Ability to view HTML Tidy messages directly below each related line in the editor. This may make it easier to locate and edit lines with errors.
  • "Clear HTML Tidy notes" option on document tabs area can be used to remove all Tidy notes in the editor.Screenshot
  • "Turn off Tidy notes" option on document tabs area opens the preferences dialog for enabling/disabling Tidy notes.Screenshot
  • Preferences dialog setting: "Edit > Preferences > Editor > Miscellaneous > Show HTML Tidy notes" can be used to enable/disable Tidy notes in the editor.Screenshot
  • Options for opening plugins in docked windows on "Tools > Plugin Types" menu and the "Plugins" icon drop-down.Screenshot
  • If a Windows shutdown is initiated while there are unsaved files in HTML-Kit Tools, displays the number of unsaved files on the Windows Shutdown message (Windows Vista, Windows 7 and higher).Screenshot
See Also:   HTML-Kit Tools ChangeLog   |   More Screenshots   |   Download HTML-Kit Tools
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