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  • New table wizard on "Actions Bar > CH-1 > HTML" provides a table-like dialog for entering initial data.Screenshot
  • "Tools > Extra > Lorem Ipsum Generator" for inserting random filler text.Screenshot
  • Ability to quickly navigate templates (Ctrl+N), snippets (Ctrl+Shift+I) and similar windows by pressing the first letter of items.Screenshot
  • Built-in Shorthand plugins for inserting <?php … ?> and <% … %> code blocks. To invoke the PHP Shorthand, press ? following "<" TagsReminder.
  • Faster access to HTML comments through the "<" TagsReminder, by pressing "!" and pressing Enter.Screenshot
  • "caption" option in HTML-Kit Shorthand plugins can be used to specify item text that's different from the Shorthand name. For example, see hkPHPCodeBlock plugin under "Tools > Shorthand > Edit."Screenshot
  • "Make Default" option on documents created with a template extended to provide two options. One for making the source template the default. The other for using the current document content to create a new template and making it the default template.Screenshot
  • When hovering over items in "Plugin Folders" in a project, displays the plugin title for easy identification.Screenshot
  • Items in Plugin Manager windows display titles next to each selected item for easy identification.Screenshot
  • Option on Plugin Manager windows for renaming items.Screenshot
  • Menu/keyboard access to plugin types under "Tools > Plugin Types"Screenshot
  • Plugin Manager windows remember the splitter position. Shift+F4 can be used to quickly expand and collapse editor window in Plugin Managers.Screenshot
  • Search and Replace Preview window, Copy From window and "Help > References > Online References" window remember the splitter position.Screenshot
  • "Skip Preview" button on Search and Replace dialogs for quickly applying the replace result without previewing it first.Screenshot
  • "Edit > Paste Plus > Swap Copy and Paste" menu option copies the currently selected text and pastes the previously copied text.Screenshot
  • "Block Select" submenu moved to "Edit > Block Select" from "Edit > Select > Block Select" for faster access.Screenshot
  • "Edit > Cut Extra" submenu with several additional options for cutting text. Also accessible from "Actions Bar > CH-1 > Edit."Screenshot
  • "Edit > Copy Extra" submenu with several additional options for copying text. Also accessible from "Actions Bar > CH-1 > Edit."Screenshot
  • "View > Editor > Caret > Extra Large" option for displaying even larger caret.Screenshot
  • Preferences dialog setting: "Extra Large" preference on "Edit > Preferences > Editor > Misc > Edit caret size" for setting the default caret size to the largest.Screenshot
  • "Tools > Tidy," "File > New," "Actions Bar > Preferences drop-down," "Tools > Programs" and similar menus display which item is currently active (or currently set as the default item). Image-only items display a "*" along with a text description on the popup hint.Screenshot
  • When hovering over the document tab of plugin files opened from "Plugin Folders" displays the plugin type in the hint.Screenshot
  • Colorizer Style plugin files opened from "Plugin Folders" displays an "Apply Colorizer Style" option at the bottom of the editor for quickly applying the current style to open documents.Screenshot
  • Misc Style plugin files opened from "Plugin Folders" displays an "Apply Misc Style" option for refreshing all plugin windows that use that particular style. To change the style of a plugin window, such as Snippet Window ("File > Insert > Snipper Window"), click "Settings" for that window and set the "Style" option.Screenshot
  • Ability to apply colorizer styles to selection, line numbers, caret, caret line, matching braces and more.
  • Preferences dialog setting: Change the number of items visible at a time in the TagsReminder under "Edit > Preferences > Editor > TagsReminder > Height." The default height was increased to 10.Screenshot
  • New GetInput field type for entering grid data.Screenshot
  • Support for "Dialog Options" button with additional drop-down menu items in GetInput() dialogs created by plugins. This makes it possible to save and restore data entered in these custom dialogs.Screenshot
  • "Download"-type links in browser windows now open in system default browser.Screenshot
  • New look on HTML-Kit Tools setup.Screenshot
  • The Status Bar displays options for submitting feedback on the first run. "[X]" can be used to clear it.Screenshot
  • Updated hkHTML Shorthand plugin to fix bugs in hr tag.
See Also:   HTML-Kit Tools ChangeLog   |   More Screenshots   |   Download HTML-Kit Tools
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