Tools update 20090722

July 22nd, 2009 by HTML-Kit Support      Tags: Tools ChangeLog       Views: 4269
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  • "Tables" section on "Actions Bar > CH-1 > HTML" for generating and inserting tags related to tables.
  • To create a table with a specific number of rows and columns, select the related option from the TABLE drop-down menu.Screenshot
  • To convert lines to a TABLE, right click the selected lines and select the "TextTools > TABLE" wizard. To split lines into a specific number of columns, enter the desired number in "Split by items" on the "Format" tab.Screenshot
  • Ability to designate a template as the default template. This template is used when creating documents using "File > New Document" or the "New" button on the Actions Bar. To set the default template, create a document using the desired template ("File > New"). Click "Make Default." These links at the top are removed on the first save to save screen space.Screenshot
  • Quickly create more documents from the last used template. After creating a document from a template, click "Create Another" to create more document from the same template.Screenshot
  • Preferences dialog setting: "Show text label on docked window tabs" preference under "Edit > Preference > Appearance"Screenshot
  • Preferences dialog setting: "Match current line" option under "Edit > Preferences > Editor > Indent wrapped lines at column" can be used to wrap lines while maintaining their starting indentation. This makes wrapped lines more visible with less clutter.Screenshot
  • Large icons on plugin drop-down lists are resized proportionally.Screenshot
  • Improved the look of dialogs.Screenshot
  • Added accelerator characters to field names on most dialogs.Screenshot
  • Option to enter username and/or password each time a FTP server is opened. This makes it easier to login with multiple usernames. This also makes it possible to avoid saving passwords and enter them on demand. To use this feature, simply leave username and/or password field empty on FTP Properties dialog.Screenshot
  • Easier access to FTP logs. When there's a problem connecting to a FTP server, a summary of the error is displayed along with an option to view the complete log.Screenshot
  • Faster application exit when exiting while many documents are open.
  • Numerous user interface improvements.
See Also:   HTML-Kit Tools ChangeLog   |   More Screenshots   |   Download HTML-Kit Tools
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