Tools update 20090626

June 26th, 2009 by HTML-Kit Support      Tags: Tools ChangeLog       Views: 2517
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  • Internal preview (side-by-side preview) and "View > Preview in Browser" tested with Firefox 3.5. On most systems with Firefox 3.5, side-by-side preview no longer requires the installation of XULRunner.Screenshot
  • Find, Replace, and most other dialgs are able to paste text from multiple sources. The sources include the clipboard, all open documents, and copy & paste pads. To use this feature, click the field name and select "Paste From"Screenshot
  • "Copy and Paste Pad" windows remember pasted text between sessions ("Edit > Paste Plus > Copy Paste Pad").Screenshot
  • Support for using input dialogs in JavaScript plugins. Details on:
  • Plugin dialogs, such as "File > New > HTML 4.01 Transitional," have an option to quickly display other similar plugins. This can be accessed by clicking the button on the bottom left corner of the dialog. This can be used to quickly switch replace plugins from one to another (text mode to regexe mode, for example).Screenshot
  • Updated HTML-Kit Tools User Guide. "Help > User Guide" can be used to view the latest online version of the User Guide.Screenshot
  • Simpler and lighter colors on plugin menus such as "File > New" and "File > Insert."Screenshot
  • "Input" tab on "Edit > Paste Plus > SELECT/UL/OL/…" wizards. This tab displays a copy of currently selected text and can be used to make any final changes without modifying the current document.Screenshot
  • "Edit > Paste Plus > SELECT/UL/OL/…" wizards display wider input fields when possible.Screenshot
  • Improved support for running HTML-Kit Table Designer Pro from HTML-Kit Tools ("Tools > External Programs > hkTableDesignerPro").Screenshot
  • Plugin Types drop-down menu on the Actions Bar ("Actions Bar > CH-1 > Customize > Plugins") provides central access to downloading, installing, viewing, creating and managing plugins.Screenshot
  • Enlarged down arrow sections in buttons with drop-down menus, such as the Delete button on plugin manager dialogs, to make it easier to see and access them on smaller screens.Screenshot
  • Added *.rss to the default list of file extensions for opening RSS newsfeed files in XML mode.Screenshot
See Also:   HTML-Kit Tools ChangeLog   |   More Screenshots   |   Download HTML-Kit Tools
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