Tools update 20090506

May 6th, 2009 by HTML-Kit Support      Tags: Tools ChangeLog       Views: 3763
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  • 4 in 1 preview — up to four different previews of the same page for faster testing.
  • Firefox-compatible preview on the internal preview tab makes it possible to view IE-compatible and FF-compatible previews side-by-side. To add a Firefox preview, click "More" next to the "Preview" tab and select "Add Firefox-compatible Preview"
  • Preferences dialog setting: "Primary/secondary browser mode for internal preview" options under "Edit > Preferences > Files > Preview" can be used to set the default preview mode to Firefox and/or to enable IE+FF side-by-side preview.
  • Test how pages look like without style sheets ("Preview tab > More > Add IE/FF")
  • Custom preview can be added that hide images, highlight block elements and/or preview with specific CSS rules.
  • Preferences dialog setting: "Internal preview page resolution" makes it easier to test pages at a specific page width.
  • "More" option next to the "Preview" tab can be used to change the page width with "Set preview resolution" option.
  • Arrange multiple previews vertically or horizontally using "More" option next to the "Preview" tab.
  • Preview windows on the Preview tab can have custom color bordered to quickly identify whether they're IE (blue border), FF (orange border) or custom preview (custom color).
  • Inserts the numeric entity when clicking a character in Entity Window while the Shift key is pressed down ("Actions Bar > CH-3 > Character Entities"). This feature can be used, for example, to quickly insert “ instead of “
  • The default caret size changed to large from small to make it easier to locate it.
  • Preferences dialog setting: "Editor > Misc > Editor caret size" preference can be used to set the default caret size to large.
  • Shows popup hints for links on the Status Bar such as line ending, character encoding, preview options and more.
  • Optimizations for running on Windows 7 Release Candidate (32-bit and 64-bit).
  • "Help > About > Details" indicates if the operating system is running in 64-bit mode.
See Also:   HTML-Kit Tools ChangeLog   |   More Screenshots   |   Download HTML-Kit Tools
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