Tools update 20090406

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  • Use PHP in snippets, templates, right-click caret ations, and more. This feature provides a powerful way to utilize PHP in plugins without having to learn a complex plugin API. For details, see:
  • Improved "File > Insert > Add New Snippet" and "File > New > Add New Template" dialogs make it easier to change plugin language to PHP.
  • Colorizer Styles in "hkDefault" updated with CSS items.
  • Light background bars in project windows make it easier to track items.
  • Preferences dialog setting: "Advanced > General > Use selected text in search" option can be used to automatically include any selected text in the search.
  • A quick link option on "Preview" tab for previewing as you type.
  • Line ending indicator on the Status Bar no longer asks whether to go ahead with line ending conversion, when using the dialog.
  • Currently selected document tab is displayed in bold font to make it easier to distinguish it from inactive tabs.
  • Increased width of character encoding drop-down list on file open/save dialogs.
  • "verbose" parameter in External Program and Browser plugins can be used to test file path calculations. To enable testing, add [verbose=1] to the "begin" line.
  • Clicking the character encoding indicator on the Status Bar (when enabled under "Edit > Preferences > Files > Encode"), brings up a list of supported encodings. The encoding can be set without having to save the document. The document gets flagged as modified.
See Also:   HTML-Kit Tools ChangeLog   |   More Screenshots   |   Download HTML-Kit Tools
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