Batch search and replace in HTML-Kit 292

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If finding text in multiple files is the goal, the Batch Actions tab is the place to start in HTML-Kit 292.

Installing the necessary plugins

There are several batch action plugins for HTML-Kit 292. In this example, we will be using cmBatchFind and cmBatchReplace plugins written by Ciaran. To install, click the download icon on the "Batch Actions" tab, or select "Actions | Batch Actions | Download Batch Actions" from the main menu. Continue to cmBatchFind and cmBatchReplace pages, and install them as described. The icons for these plugins will appear on the "Batch Actions" tab.

Finding the files

Start by invoking the cmBatchFind plugin. Even if the final goal is to replace text in files, it’s best to test the search expression using cmBatchFind plugin first.

  • In the "Look in Folders" field, enter where to start searching for files. To keep things simple during the first try, use a folder such as "C:MySite" Save folders with multiple levels and folder names with special characters for later. For more advanced searches, multiple folder names can be specified using the ; character. For example, to search in C:MySite1 and C:MySite2, enter: C:MySite1;C:MySite2
  • The "Include files of type" field contains file masks such as "*.html;*.php" To continue with the simple-test-first theme, enter "*.*" (without quotes) to match all files. This can be refined later to only match files with specific extensions.
  • Skip to the "Search Expression" field to enter the search text. This field can contain a word, a line or even multiple lines in regex mode, but for now, enter a single word. In this example, it’s "table" (without quotes).
  • Enter "i" in the "Options" field to match both "TABLE," "table" and other case-insensitive variations.
  • Click "Start" to proceed with the batch find.

The matching files will be displayed at the end of the search. If no files are displayed, make sure that the "Look in Folders" field has a valid folder path. Also make sure that the search text exists in at least one file. If necessary, as a quick test, create a small text file with the search text and place it in the search folder path. Repeat the find action with more narrower search expressions to match only the files that are to be included in the find or the replace action.

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One Response to “Batch search and replace in HTML-Kit 292”

  1. morgan says:

    Pretty good but stopped short of discussing use of the replace plugin (though I imagine it would be similar to the find tool)

    the process for installing the plugins seemed a little different in practice to that described also.

    but i got me pointed in the righ direction, thanks

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