Free HTML-Kit 292 license extended to multi-user installations

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The following information applies to HTML-Kit Build 292.

If you’ve been using HTML-Kit 292, you already know that it’s always been free to individual users (the full-featured version of HTML-Kit 292, with no feature limitations, nags, or ads).

Optional HTML-Kit 292 registration was started some years later to help cover costs associated with development of HTML-Kit, free support and site up keep. HTML-Kit 292 continued to be available free of charge for individual users. However, if a business or an organization wanted to install HTML-Kit on behalf of multiple users at their workplace, this required a discounted multi-seat license. This was added as a fair way to address business interests. Depending on internal policies, this also affected some educational institutions as well.

As of April 9, 2009, these license restrictions on using HTML-Kit 292 at multi-user organizations are being lifted. In other words, if you’re an educational institute, non-profit organization, public library, governmental department or even a small business, you can now install HTML-Kit 292 on multiple computers at your workplace free of charge.

Answers to Common Questions

Q: Which versions of HTML-Kit does this cover?

This change applies to HTML-Kit Build 292 (also called HTML-Kit 292) only.

Q: Do I get registered add-ons for free as well?

No, registered add-ons still require a registration. However, multi-user installations of HTML-Kit 292 as described above no longer requires a registration (only applies to HTML-Kit 292).

Q: How do I get this version of HTML-Kit 292?

You can download HTML-Kit 292 from the main download page.

Q: Why was this change made to HTML-Kit 292 specifically?

Educational institutions are interested in HTML-Kit 292 because of its compact size, modular architecture with 400+ free plugins, and low system requirements. HTML-Kit 292 can run on 486/Pentium-compatible system with Windows 95 or higher (up to XP, Vista and Windows 7).

Q: Can I redistribute HTML-Kit 292 using CDs, DVDs or other methods?

No, there are license restrictions on redistributing HTML-Kit 292 without prior written permission. It’s a small download and given that you’re downloading once for multiple installations, this shouldn’t be an issue.

Q: Can the HTML-Kit 292 setup program run in silent mode for batch installations?

Yes, run it as: HKSetup.exe /SILENT

Q: Where can our users get tech support?

You can post HTML-Kit 292 related questions on the support forum. Please help reduce support efforts by using these public forums for technical support questions, instead of sending direct email.

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21 Responses to “Free HTML-Kit 292 license extended to multi-user installations”

  1. I am a web designer. This tool is cool and I am recommending it to anybody inclined to webdesigning.

    Great Job!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thank you very much

  3. Anonymous says:

    I am a student trying to learn html… basic… thankyou very much

  4. I am training a number of undergrad students at UC Davis.

    Thank you.

  5. Redesigning my church’s website. Let you know how it works.


  6. hero says:


  7. We’re teaching the Home Edders about HTML, thanks for the tool to do it.

  8. I’ve used and registered HTML Kit a few years back and althou have things like dreamweaver – I still prefer using HTML Kit for its easy interface… I like it as its simple, will allow preview, colours the text so you know you got a command (easy to spot mistakes) and built in FTP so can check on a live site. Really Appreciate it. Thanks.

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