Previewing SVG in HTML-Kit

December 17th, 2009 by HTML-Kit Support      10 Comments »
This article describes how to preview Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) in HTML-Kit Tools and HTML-Kit 292.

Gift Registration

Know someone that could use HTML-Kit Tools? Now you can get them a Gift Registration! 7 comments

HTML-Kit & Windows 7

Wondering about running HTML-Kit on Windows 7? Both HTML-Kit Tools and HTML-Kit 292 run on Windows 7. 8 comments

How to install PHP on the local computer

If you plan to run HTML-Kit plugins written in PHP, you'll need a local installation of PHP. This document describes how to download and install PHP on a Windows desktop computer. 4 comments

292 on Vista

HTML-Kit 292 runs on Win 95 through Win 7. If you're having any issues running it on Vista or Windows 7, consider the information in this document. 5 comments

Keyboard shortcut for copying Tidy output

Want to speed up copying Tidy suggested code to the editor window in HTML-Kit 292? 4 comments

Free multi-user license for HK 292

HTML-Kit 292 is now free for multi-user educational institutions, non-profit organizations and small businesses. 12 comments

PayPal now accepted for registrations

Want to register HTML-Kit without using a credit card? Now you can, with PayPal. You can also pay in installments with PayPal Pay Later. 1 comments

avwReadabilityStats plugin for HTML-Kit 292

How readable is your text? Find out with the avwReadabilityStats plugin for HTML-Kit 292. 8 comments

Unicode / UTF-8 and HTML-Kit 292

Want to edit Unicode characters in HTML-Kit 292? Although 292 doesn't provide native support for Unicode characters, it comes with limited support for UTF-8. 8 comments

Temporary files used in preview

Are you seeing temporary files in HTML-Kit 292? Not to worry, these are... temporary. 2 comments

Preserving read-only attribute

Do you work with read-only files in HTML-Kit 292? This article describes how to update read-only file settings. 8 comments

How to add a new file type

Want to add a new file type or a file type that already exists but with a new file extension? 3 comments

Can I check XHTML with W3C HTML Validator plugin?

Did you know that the W3C HTML Validator plugin can be used to validate XHTML as well as HTML? 6 comments

How to change FTP host type in the Workspace

HTML-Kit 292 Workspace is able to auto-detect most types of FTP servers. This article describes how to manually set the FTP host type if your FTP server is not detected automatically. 8 comments

Is there a way to view editor windows side-by-side?

Want to view your documents side-by-side? The Windows Manager can help, whether you want to tile all documents or only a couple. 3 comments

Batch search and replace in HTML-Kit 292

Need to find some text in multiple files? This document describes how to use batch find and replace actions in HTML-Kit 292. 1 comments

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