Previewing SVG in HTML-Kit

December 17th, 2009 by HTML-Kit Support      14 Comments »
This article describes how to preview Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) in HTML-Kit Tools and HTML-Kit 292.

Gift Registration

Know someone that could use HTML-Kit Tools? Now you can get them a Gift Registration! 13 comments

HTML-Kit & Windows 7

Wondering about running HTML-Kit on Windows 7? Both HTML-Kit Tools and HTML-Kit 292 run on Windows 7. 13 comments

How to install PHP on the local computer

If you plan to run HTML-Kit plugins written in PHP, you'll need a local installation of PHP. This document describes how to download and install PHP on a Windows desktop computer. 13 comments

292 on Vista

HTML-Kit 292 runs on Win 95 through Win 7. If you're having any issues running it on Vista or Windows 7, consider the information in this document. 18 comments

Keyboard shortcut for copying Tidy output

Want to speed up copying Tidy suggested code to the editor window in HTML-Kit 292? 6 comments

Free multi-user license for HK 292

HTML-Kit 292 is now free for multi-user educational institutions, non-profit organizations and small businesses. 21 comments

PayPal now accepted for registrations

Want to register HTML-Kit without using a credit card? Now you can, with PayPal. You can also pay in installments with PayPal Pay Later. 4 comments

avwReadabilityStats plugin for HTML-Kit 292

How readable is your text? Find out with the avwReadabilityStats plugin for HTML-Kit 292. 10 comments

Unicode / UTF-8 and HTML-Kit 292

Want to edit Unicode characters in HTML-Kit 292? Although 292 doesn't provide native support for Unicode characters, it comes with limited support for UTF-8. 16 comments

Temporary files used in preview

Are you seeing temporary files in HTML-Kit 292? Not to worry, these are... temporary. 3 comments

Preserving read-only attribute

Do you work with read-only files in HTML-Kit 292? This article describes how to update read-only file settings. 12 comments

How to add a new file type

Want to add a new file type or a file type that already exists but with a new file extension? 7 comments

Can I check XHTML with W3C HTML Validator plugin?

Did you know that the W3C HTML Validator plugin can be used to validate XHTML as well as HTML? 11 comments

How to change FTP host type in the Workspace

HTML-Kit 292 Workspace is able to auto-detect most types of FTP servers. This article describes how to manually set the FTP host type if your FTP server is not detected automatically. 13 comments

Is there a way to view editor windows side-by-side?

Want to view your documents side-by-side? The Windows Manager can help, whether you want to tile all documents or only a couple. 7 comments

Batch search and replace in HTML-Kit 292

Need to find some text in multiple files? This document describes how to use batch find and replace actions in HTML-Kit 292. 1 comments

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