Previewing SVG in HTML-Kit

December 17th, 2009 by HTML-Kit Support      14 Comments »
This article describes how to preview Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) in HTML-Kit Tools and HTML-Kit 292.

Multi-browser Preview

Browser wars are heating up again. See how HTML-Kit Tools makes it easier to test pages in multiple browser modes. 20 comments

Tools in German

Do you speak German? HTML-Kit Tools setup and the user interface are available in German, thanks to Martin Sonderegger's contributions. 13 comments
Latest plugins ():

List Wizards

HTML List Wizards in HTML-Kit Tools are not just for creating simple lists. See how you can customize them to fit your work. 14 comments

File Backup

Did you know that file versioning and backup is built into HTML-Kit Tools? See how easy it is to restore old files. 13 comments

Server Preview

This article shows how to configure the Preview tab to preview through a <a href="">web host server</a>, localhost or remote. 13 comments

Unicode & UTF-8

Need to edit multi-byte characters? Unicode character editing and UTF-8 encoding is built into HTML-Kit Tools. 10 comments

Gift Registration

Know someone that could use HTML-Kit Tools? Now you can get them a Gift Registration! 13 comments

Live Preview

Want to preview modifications as you make them? See how to preview on a secondary monitor or on the same monitor. 18 comments

Tidy Config

If HTML Tidy is on your speed dial, this article shows how you can create a custom Tidy configuration. 16 comments

Tools Features

Want to know what's in Tools? Now there's a page dedicated to listing HTML-Kit Tools features.

Quick Upload

In a hurry to upload your changes? See how you can use Ctrl+U to quickly upload the current document. 20 comments

HTML-Kit & Windows 7

Wondering about running HTML-Kit on Windows 7? Both HTML-Kit Tools and HTML-Kit 292 run on Windows 7. 13 comments

Creating Plugins

Plugins can customize and extend your HTML-Kit Tools. This page describes how to use ready-made plugins and even create your own. 10 comments

Multi-page templates

Want to generate multiple pages with a single template? Create your own power templates by following steps in this tutorial.

Pick Your Color

Pick a color. Any color. You have a favorite color for your shirts, shoes and phones. Now you can make HTML-Kit Tools appear in a custom color. 18 comments

292 on Vista

HTML-Kit 292 runs on Win 95 through Win 7. If you're having any issues running it on Vista or Windows 7, consider the information in this document. 18 comments

Tools for PHP dev

Do you use PHP in your web development? Here are some quick tips on how to get the most out of HTML-Kit Tools. 17 comments

Quick Keys

Want learn-as-you-go keyboard shortcuts? While the Ctrl key is down, press P, K, Q or T for a pop-up reference of shortcuts. 10 comments

Changing colors

Want to change a color in HTML-Kit Tools colorizer? Check out Adrienne's step-by-step tutorial with accompanying screenshots.

Concept desktop

If you could create a desktop of your imagination for web authoring what would it look like? This is Gary M's drawing of his concept desktop. 2 comments

Chat and share source code

Did you know that HTML-Kit Tools can create local discussion groups for chatting and sharing source code? This article describes how to create a discussion server on your LAN. 15 comments

Show off your desktop

Have a HTML-Kit Tools desktop that you'd like to show off? Check out these desktops and see if you can beat them!

Resizing, moving and anchoring The HTML-Kit Tools "Start" window

Find out how to change the location and the size of the Start window.

How to use updated-on datestamps

HTML-Kit Tools can automatically update datestamps in documents, for example, for keeping "updated on" labels. 10 comments

HTML-Kit Tools in Dutch

Do you speak Dutch? HTML-Kit Tools user interface and the initial version of Tools documentation are available in Dutch, thanks to Gerard Schaefers.

JavaScript in plugins

If you code in JavaScript, you can use your JavaScript skills to improve the way you use HTML-Kit Tools. 12 comments

PayPal now accepted for registrations

Want to register HTML-Kit without using a credit card? Now you can, with PayPal. You can also pay in installments with PayPal Pay Later. 4 comments

What&#8217;s on your wishlist?

Have a wish for HTML-Kit Tools? If you don't ask, it may take longer to appear in Tools. 12 comments

PHP in Plugins

Do you code in PHP? You can use that knowledge to improve the way you use HTML-Kit Tools. 8 comments

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