HTML/JavaScript/CSS syntax highlighting within Perl. Pleeeeeease! ;-)

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    Wishmaster, 19th Feb 2015 9:44 am

    I used "Allaire/Macromedia Homesite" for nearly 20 years now.
    But it already had problems with Windows 7 and uses to crash an Windows 8 on a regular basis. :(

    So I'm switching to HTML-Kit Tools after looking for a replacement for a long time and testing several editors.

    There is only 1 feature I'm missing so badly:
    HTML/JavaScript/CSS syntax highlighting within Perl-code.

    If it's not a server-only script (and even in there can be HTML-Code used), websites made with Perl also include HTML/JavaScript/CSS.
    But with Perl as syntax highlighter, all this is not highlighted. :(

    a quick example:

    how it looks like in HTML-Kit:

    how it should look like:

    .. and working "Taq insight" and Tag-completion, like:

    I have not yet found an other editor or IDE that can do that, except Homesite.

    I really wish, there is any way, this can be accomplished with HTML-Kit Tools. :)

    • HTML-Kit Support, 19th Feb 2015 9:52 am

      (duplicate -- please see next thread with the same subject line)