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Favicon Validator is a free online service that can be used to validate favicon files, link tags and related items on web pages. If you'd like to double check the favicon on your web page or if you're having trouble viewing it, enter your web page address and click "Check"

  • Checks if there's a favicon (favicon.ico or icon specified in a <link ...> tag).

  • Makes sure that the favicon files are readable icons or image files.

  • Validates the content of <link ...> tags, if available.

  • Previews the favicons. If an *.ico file contains more than one image, displays all images contained in the icon.

  • Has support for multiple file formats including Icon, GIF, JPEG, PNG and BMP.

  • Provides suggestions on how to improve compatibility with different browsers, multiple versions of the <link ...> tag, low color displays, file formats, and more.

  • Checks for any conflicts with the default favicon and any <link ...> tags.

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