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 Polish localisation
Dockable Toolbarsd/Tabs10
 I would like to be able to move the entire "Editor" tabs toolbar from the bottom to the top. I Googled but couldn't find a solution or info, outside of features. Thanks for a great program. Mike
plugins to import flash animations into HTML-kit16
 plugins to import flash animations into HTML-kit
Blog creation12
 I wish I could find an easy way to create, post and host my own blog on my own website with HTMLKit. I love the program and its funcitionality and ease of use for us beginner programmers. I recommend it to all who ask. But I currently have a need to create a blog and all the blog sites out there have a TOS that states something along the lines of, "We have the right to your copyright and we will use anything you post on our hosted blogsite in any way we wish, whenever we wish, for w...
vector to poly converter9
 existing vector line drawing to poly coordinates a plugin that would take existing vector line drawings from a variety of code formats and change it into an outline coordinate set for command attributes that allow coordinate defined shapes with either a curvature translation or a choice selector for point accuracy of curves
plug in for MIME-Typ14
selector path alias11
 someone mentioned a batch search and replace. how about alias selectors which can go at the beginning of a stylesheet as equivalences to actual selector trees. Thus small_tab = #navtype.standard.header ul.submenu.inactive tab.alt would permit using "small_tab" wherever the original path was required in the stylesheet.
tag icon editing10
 KompoZer has a cool editing mode where all tags become icons in WYSIWYG editing. About the only thing they forgot was to provide icons for closing tags. (Please note that they also allow both text and true WYSIWYG editing.) A program I remember using ten years ago (that I can't remember the name) had a similar editing mode with plain text inside the tags. You double-clicked the tags to edit them. It ensured there was no possible way to get the order of closing tags wrong or omit one. I voe for ...
correct Tag nesting19
 In the dropdown menu on the auto complete, have a list come up of the closing tags in the correct nested order. ie if you are in the middle of a table and you enter "<" then the autocomplete menu includes the closing tags in nested order "</font></a></td>,</tr>,</table>,</center>" etc.
AJAX tools26
 toolkit for using XMLHttpRequest, etc. maybe inside twJavascript?
 A plugin that generates marquees according to input by the user. It should encompass all the behaviors of any marquee possible.
Perforce Integration19
 To add to the CVS, SVN and Source Safe requests.
Virtual tour plugin10
 need an easy way to add java or quicktime spherical/cubical images to a blog.
wkStructure - add spaces between paragraphs13
 I love wkStructure! But I like having visual spaces between my paragraphs in my html coding; it makes it easier for me to read and edit. I would like to have the option of selecting text and having wkStructure put them into paragraphs (as it does) but adding or keeping the actual spaces between paragraphs.
Format for Email Newsletters21
 Start with proper CSS styled HTML and reverse it so the styling is placed inline. This is needed for most EMail providers.
auto complete for css39
 would like to write css within html kit. with auto complete. maybe something like top style.
Default tool-bar16
 Would it be possible to offer an option, in the Edit | Preferences menu, of which tool-bar is at the front upon satrt-up, please?
Php get/set accessor generator24
 How about a popup list out the properties of a class and I am allowed to pick few properties. get and set accessors need to be generated for those properties. Code should be intelligent to handle static properties in a slightly different manner.
Macintosh Support33
 How about getting HTML-Kit ported over to the macintosh?
Ruby on Rails38
 I would like a good editor for Ruby and RoR (coloration syntaxing, etc...)
 would show current imagemaps as borders of my color choice. would have a position x,y indicator that would add this x,y to a list when clicked, which list could be in highlighted for copy to the clipboard.
cHTML for Imode site13
 It would be interesting to get a pluging especially for Imode site with specific tags. Addind for example the tag tel in the anchor section would be nice : <a href="tel:"></a>
convert numbers into words and in american lang15
 we want program in javascript program in conversion of numbers into words and in the language of american/english
 Microsoft Words should support smilies used in messengers
 add a WYSIWYG editor and HK will be perfect Yaniv
optional autofill in 'Go To' dialogue20
 the needed destination lines to jump to change most of the time (for me at least) and are rarely repeating, so the 'Go to' dialogue could be more usable with an optional deactivation of the autofill function.
quickfinder in ftp-workspace17
 how about a 'quick-finder' in the ftp-workspace to faster handle big amounts of ftp-servers - something like a text-inputbox next to the 'files' tab, where one could enter part of a server's display name to quickly select that entry from the list of servers? :-)
 Insert an RFC-822 date-time
plugin for php36
 I would like an HTML-Kit plugin to write php scripts for templates, navigation bars, and scroll bars
find matching tag for smarty tags { }52
 I work with smarty templates quite a bit and the scripts use {curly brackets}. I'm looking for something similar to the "Tags | Navigate | Go to matching tag" option in HTML-Kit that can match {x} <-> {/x} e.g. match the closing {/if} for: {if $js_enabled} ...... {/if} Thanks.
a more customizable gmMetaKeywords17
 more filtering possibilities, i.e. exclude words of of x no. of characters, allow user setting of range settings, parse criteria (in/exclude comment,title,attribute words etc)
support for mouse gestures25
 support for mouse gestures would be a great enhancement to the editor
To do list47
 A simple popup to-do list would be helpful. Thanks for the prog to all those who have put it together.
irShowMatchingParens on the fly19
 irShowMatchingParens comes close, but it should be done on the fly while editing without pressing a separate button to activate it - and without pausing my typing. Thanks for a great tool!
spam mail block21
 I love this program! How about a good plugin that blocks out email harvesters for spamming your email box? I've used some that work but don't always do what they say if that makes sense. ;-)
replace key string with text in corresponding file24
 1. type in a list of file names abcd.html, egss.html, everything.html,nine.html......etc 2. then i select a key string like 123654 or maybe <h2></h2>.some unique key string. 3. then next step is to have a text area with large i enter multiple lines 1; and press a button to add a delimiter..multiple lines 2; press a button to add delimiter,multiple lines 3; press delimiter button..and so for the exact number of html files in step 1. 4. then when i press go or enter ..the multiple lines 1...
Convert Relative Addresses to Absolute23
 A plugin to convert relative address to absolute addres before uploading to server.
integration of mozilla plugins27
'Twin' site map - structure & alpha19
 Generation of a site map (similar to 'google site map generator') idea. Two lists, in columns using <ul>s or <h1-7>s, one of actual site structure from home page, the other an alphabetical list. Maps based on linked pages <title> tags or <a> tag text. I guess it would be easy for those who know how:-)
wkStructure - an additional option15
 An option to turn lines of text (NOT separated by blank lines) into paragraphs would be useful to me. Thanks, Teffy
[CTRL]+[LEFT] and [CTRL]+[RIGHT] configurator18
 A plugin that makes the [CTRL]+[LEFT] and [CTRL]+[RIGHT] buttons works a little different. I have previously written a post to the HTML-Kit support. This post can be found here: I want to get the [CTRL]+[LEFT] and [CTRL]+[RIGHT] work so that they work more like notepad.. ATM. when pressing [CTRL]+[LEFT] inside a tag, it goes to the beginning of the word and no more, where i would like it to go to the beginning of the word, and include "<"...
DOM reference checking29
 Check code using 'TIDY' is nice, but it does not check if any DOM references are valid. How about reporting possibly incorrect or non-standard DOM references in a DHTML document's scripts.
hkTableFromLines -15
 Please make *optional* the generation of the comment before the table. For example: <!-- 6 item table --> I would prefer not the have the comment generated. Thanks for hkTableFromLines! Teffy
open all files of a kind in ftp-pagetree19
 how about another option within the context menu of the ftp files view, for example being called "open several" with sub-options to open all *.htm/hmtl, *.php, *.css, *.js, etc. within a clicked folder ? :)
search engine optimization plugin44
 a plugin for search engine optimization of html pages would be an outstanding feature. an idea how it could work: -the plugin goes through the code and suggests additions to existing tags -and suggests additional tags like meta-tags for example. -it could work like a wizard, so general settings like absolute urls to be added can be setup global once for all -it could work similar to the "find"-dialog, jumping to a code-line, asking if to change/enhance that code-segment, with a textbox to enter th...
hkCodeReminder -25
 Please could it be possible to delete and edit snippets once they have been added? Also, would it also be possible to add larger snippets and chunks of code i.e. more than one line?
Spell Check All35
 A way to have the spell checker, check all the pages you have loaded into HTML Kit. It would go through each page, doing what the current spell checker does, however, when it finishes a page, it would automatically go through all the pages you have open.
Different Coloring for Different Comment Types33
 I write PHP code. I'd really like to be able to customize the three types of comments differently (four if you count HTML)... Currently, all three types of comments (lines beginning with # or //, and sections bounded by /* */) are colored to the "scripts comments" coloring; but I'd like to seperate them out so I could color each of them differently...
Code Optimizer55
 It would be great if there was a tool that would allow you to optimize code for the web. Javascript, PHP, HTML, CSS, you name it. Strip the code of comments, whitespace, and other content that is not necessary for the code/script to run. Save the optimized version into a separate file. Basically a tool that would reduce the file sizes of the scripts to allow for faster downloads by slower connections.
cmCodeCrusher - uncompress needed17
 Is there any way to uncompress a page that has been run through cmCodeCrusher? This way we could edit a page, crush it, upload it, and uncrush it to do further editing.
google site map generator46
 A generator that allows you to automatically make the proper site map they require.
Comment only format for hkUpdateDate16
 I would like a format for hkUpdateDate that uses a comment only format so that it doesn't display. A format such as: <!-- datestamp:begin >31-Jan-2005 03:47 PM< datestamp:end --> instead of: <!-- datestamp:begin -->31-Jan-2005 03:47 PM<!-- datestamp:end --> With the first version, the datetime is all part of the comment and therefore not displayed.
ToPHPPrn - echo not print15
 I prefer echo instead of print. Echo looks nicer as this is an language construct not a function and is a little faster (does not return value).
enhanced doubleclick-selecting21
 i would really like an option for an 'enhanced' doubleclick-selection, e.g. for php-variables. example: triggered by the ctrl-button being pressed while double clicking a php-variable - it gets selected not only the variable name but also the $ in front of it.
maximize window option27
 i think a "maximize window" option is missing in the window-tab of the main menu (or did i miss it?) -would be really helpfull if one was able to include it into customized keyboard shortcuts to speed up switching among some tasks
multiple monitor support in color picker18
 it would be really great if the function to grab a color from the screen inside the color picker could support multiple monitors (i am using a 3rd party color picker therefor still)
Shrink blocks of code24
 A plug in (or not) that shrink blocks of code like if, for, while, switch, foreach, functions and others.
Colorize 'as' as a keyword instead of operator21
 Treat 'as' as a part of PHP 'foreach(... as ...)' construction and colorize 'as' like 'foreach' keyword.
snippet subfolders22
 possibility to have multiple levels of subfoloders within the snippets folders, so that snippets can be managed in a more cegorized way.
A search for your plugins page on this site32
 Soooo many plug-ins So little time.
Add missing PHP functions to the colorizer36
 Including: stream_*() functions.
Prototype Pad, option!18
 It would be usefull to be able to copy chunks of web pages drop them in the PP but with the option to create local graphics rather than just leaving original URL in the img tags
Yahoo Store tag support19
 Yahoo Store (the most popular e-commerce host on the Net) uses odd-ball tags to pull data from its Catalog Manager. The problem is that Tidy and similar tools don't recognize Yahoo Store tags, so they trash them, mainly by confering symbols and spaces to hex, which is good HTML but garbage to Yahoo Store. There's a Yahoo Store tag plug-in for Dreamweaver MX, but not for HTML-Kit. Yahoo Store tags are enclosed in comments, but formatting plug-ins seem to get confused by the various quotation ma...
Zip Program For Server Files22
 We need a plug in to zip files on our servers
cmTreeView -15
 I would like to have the capability to load my DTD and create my document against the DTD, in real time, instead of creating the document, then loading the DTD for verification.
Plugin Extensible Auto-Completes33
 The ability to link an auto-complete to the execution of a plugin.
mcWrapAtColumn -16
 Like to see an option that leaves blank lines intact if the entire file is selected. As it is all text is run together.
Auto updater28
 I dont know if there already is a plug in like this but I couldn't find one. Anyway, could there be a plug in which updates all selected pages with a new header/footer etc.?
Clearing Batch search and replace variables14
 > How do you clear the Batch wizard search and replace variables? I'll try to create a plugin for resetting the batch action wizard. This what I am interested in. Allan
mcCapLet - recognize word with cursor16
 It would be great if conversion also apply to word with mouse cursor (not only to selected text).
mcCapLet - custom black list15
 The ability to edit a "black list" where specify words that must not capitalized (such as articles in the mid of a sentence).
hkContextMenuTags - enable newline15
 What about enabling new-line insertion in customized code?
ASP colorizing switcher for VBScript and JScript30
 A plugin that could automatically switch the colorizing of an ASP file from VBScript to JScript, either on a program-wide basis or on a file-by-file basis (even if the plugin had to be run each time the file is opened).
HTML Tidy - content extraction35
 Using a batch to go through mulitple files and folder, th ability to extract content between tags. As an example, I have a website that has several humndred pages and I want to pull out all the e-mail addresses to update them. To be able to put in <a href="mailto: as the start and </a> as the end and extract to a text file all of the contents between these tags.
File/Directory Synchronization67
 I would always be happier if there was a local copy in some directory of every file I edit on my website, and html-kit could keep track of where each file is "linked" to, and just constantly synchronize them. This could also provide an "offline editing" mode.
Include files included in preview32
 Any change for include files to be included in the preview? Even if it is just for the include files in the same directory for a start :-)
 i would be nice to be able to edit the text/tags from here rather than being taken to a spcific line in the source
line pointer background color33
 It's just a little wish, but ir would be pretty cool to add a background color to line pointer :)
cut lines containing17
 i need to be able: cut lines containing a search term (removes lines from original file) note - cut lines are placed into clipboard, or into a new file for review. copy lines containing a search term (leaves lines in original file) note - copy lines are placed into clipboard, or into a new file for review. add or remove line numbers into file content add and remove line suffix/prefix
batch text over image17
 A plugin or addon to the thumbnail starter, that allows you to add a text over every image in a folder. Usefull for copyright and other information added to lots of images at once.
Customizable colorizers50
 Ability to add and customize syntax highlighters.
Categories for file/ftp42
 I have over 20 ftp sites, so it would be nice to have categories to stick them in, so I could have a section for each client.
Status Bar log25
 It would be nice to have a log of the messages displayed in the status bar, reguardless of the source of the message.
Movable Type template tag plugin24
 A plugin allowing one to insert Movable Type template tags into documents.
Set Spacebar as shortcut29
 I would like to set Shift+Space as a shortcut to inserting non-braking space (&nbsp;). I know Ctrl+Shift+Space does this, but I am somewhat used to Shift+Space. Thanks.
strip surplus tags31
 All generators produce surplus tags and spaces. Strip surplus tags from word 2000 pages is available. Why not ad tagstrippers for all those generators that add their own tags advertising the generator name, add surplus font tags and empty spaces every time you run the program?
DOM Inspector35
 Ability to invoke the DOM inspector in Mozilla/Firefox and load the content from the HTML-Kit editor. (This feature could be adjunct to other ways to invoke Mozilla or Firefox functions.)
mac version56
 maybe its asked dozen times but i really want a version for the mac. html-kit is one of the best. I changed from windows to mac osx. Thats fine the only thing i miss is html-kit
W3C XHTML / CSS References - offline keyword help49
 Like your existing offline W3C HTML4.01/CSS References keyword helpfile plugin, it would be good if there was a XHTML1.0/CSS alternative plugin. I transitioned to XHTML a couple of years ago but use the W3C's downloadable spec outside of HTML-Kit.
Pop Up Text on Mouseover45
 A plug-in to create the popup test boxes seen on some web sites. With mouseover the highlighted text or image a small test box appears much like [Alt Text] on a hyperlink. Thanks
m4 support15
 I use a HTML-KIT, m4, sed and cvs, and editing the m4 sources with HTML-Kit is not as nice ...
Spell Checker - German20
 I would very much appreciate spell checkers in localized versions - even would help you do that...;-)
Support for CFC files25
 Color Coding, etc. support for ColdFusion Component files (.cfc)
SVN - As well as CVS80
 I see allot of votes for CVS. I agree, that should be a priority. How about making it work with Subversion(SVN) as well?
ASP Code Completion43
 if will be useful if there is an ASP code completion tool. The list of properties of an object will popup when a "." is typed.
 Xforms support
HTML Cruncher57
 How about an option to crunch all HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP when sending them via FTP to save some bandwidth. It could remove all unnecesary spaces and comments
Batch HTML / XHTML Reformat46
 Batch HTML Kit / Tidy Beta does an excellent check, correct and reformat of files with errors. I would now like to reformat the files without errors to the same format. Please consider a Batch Reformat for "clean" files. Thank you for an excellent free Kit.
Tabbed Workspace75
 As I mentioned in the forum: I think if the workspace was tabbed you could add some great functionality. Keep the existing menu on the workspace (templates/snippets/etc) but you could add tabs for a Tag reference, a tab for the windows manager (rather than a separate window), maybe some plugins could be designed to open in tabs such as the colorizer, a tab for favourite tools, maybe a separate tab for FTP with more of a windows look for easier 'dragging & dropping' etc etc. Endless possibilities ...
 The ability to perform a split preview not just based on "IE vs Gecko" but with or without either FRAMES, CSS or FLASH support.
Tag Colors74
 How about being able specify different colors for each type of html tag.
SelfHTML 8 (a hkh-file for the chm-Version)28
 It would be great if you could provide an hkh-file for the chm-Version of SelfHTML 8. For offline-F1-helf. I believe it would perform faster than the w3c hkh Plug-In (becaus it would be based on chm).
Site Map Creator98
 I would like to see a simple to use site map facility that creates a nice looking site map for you
Smarty Templete Tag Plugin70
 A Toolbar with all Smarty-Template Tags
 a template that can be used in different ways
Checking already existing css code53
 I want to convert everything to css, which I can do. But when I copy and paste the code into a seperate css document, then go to another page, sometime the same c2 code is used, but different attributes, meaning I either keep it on the page, or redo the classes (will take too long). My request is that is check already exsisting css documents and scan for the code. If used already, use a different code. That way, I can copy and paste the code without worry :)
cmBatchReplace -34
 Instead of having to specify which folder(s) and file(s) to search, add an "Apply to files currently open" option to be mutually exclusive to (or maybe work in addition with?) those specifier fields.
Add the ability to generate a forum33
 The ability to add a "forum" tool would be very helpful when generating a new site specific to certain viewers or market segments. Thanks.
Integrated PHP debugging98
 DBG PHP debugger could be integrated with HTML-Kit, blowing many other PHP IDE's out of the water!
hkDivStarter - generate css from existing html doc37
 I'd like to be able to highlight the code in an existing webpage, import it into the divStarter window, and simply hit the Create button to have the css generated (instead of having to create the table in HTML-Kit).
perl for dummies35
 i am new to perl an i would like a new plugin that even beginners can tell what they do or explain what they do in a tooltip
Velocity Plugin37
 Its very hard to find an editor that understand html, javascript and jakarta velocity, a lot of people are moving to velocity templates.
NASM colored words17
 I program in NASM (netwide assembly) and i would like to use HTMLKIT. I would like to have coloured key words of assembler.
cmCodePublisher -43
 Highlight the PHP source code like it awesome does for HTML CSS JS and INI code
 Hello Chami, I've not time and ability for do it, so I suggest it ;-) When I want in my page a smiley like ;-) or :-), I put in a "images" folder a matching img and a link to it. So, I think that it's possible to have a plugin that do this : 1 - user choise in a list the smiley 2 - plugin ask the name of folder where img will be put 3 - plugin create folder if necessary and put img in it 4 - plugin insert the <img src...> tag in the page It'll a nice plugin, no ;-) Jean-Paul Boussac
Online validation for WAI39 and for accessability validation. Should be more important to any developer!
actions bar icons27
 larger icons for the actions bar menu and any other tips or plugins for a widescreen display
Class Member's properties and methods40
 Is there a plugin that able to make a dropdown menu contains Class Member's properties and methods . . .
Batch Find and Batch Replace54
 Is it possible to make these items a bit more user friendly by adding a "Browse" function to the Options, so that folders can be brought up with less typing?
adding music to your site31
 i looking to find out how to add music to my site either by mp3 or wave . is there a command that im not using to make that happen . i've seen other sites with music . can you hellp me THank You Doug
 How about adding Sort Descending to wkSorting?
CSS Cross Browser Checler109
 How about a cross browser checker which scans your CSS and highlights CSS which may not work in each browser.
56k modem emulator73
 It would be very useful to be able to emulate dial-up download speeds in the preview window.
Insert image tag with roll-over JS code39
 Insert an image tag with mosover image change. Also - separate? - function to insert rollover image preload.
Hyperlinks creation25
 My interest lies in "Creating Hypertlinks particularly for an imported DHTML manu. Thank you and regards, Patrick M. Forkin
GIF File Size Reducer49
 The JPEG Compression utility for HTML-Kit works great. How about one that reduces GIF images?
Image Map HTML Generator131
 How about something that can be used to generate the HTML for an image map? One where you could view the image in HTML-Kit, and select the linkable areas using your mouse.
Client Side Form Validation in Java Script57
 This is probably one of the best tools I have found in quite a long time! Great work. I think that Client Side Validation is a great way to help a customer fillout a form properly without having to press back alot. If they forgot to check at least one box and you really need them to then it could provide a pop-up message telling them to choose one and redirect them to the bad field. Maybe even change the fields color to a Bold Red Text. I kind of know how to do this in VBScript, but would like ...
SVG editor43
 Hi folks Your software is EXCELLENT. Great help and compatible with tthe most expensive ones in the market. My suggestion is that you develop a plugin for SVG. Thanks and congrats Salustiano Leal Rio de Janeiro Brasil
Easy Form Builder96
 Takes a user from beginning to end using a simple submit via email - really simple right? :-)
 use selected text in the document as the sample text
CVS Integration132
 A plug-in that checks in and out the current file to / from a CVS server designated in the plug-ins preferences. Version comparsion and other features would be great too.
Source Safe Integration49
 Be able to check in, check out at the least, view differences etc would be neat in the long run.
a flash plug-in78
 I wish for a flash plug in for Html-Kit. You can't find any good flash for free these days.
hkSaveCopyAs-default "save-to"33
 how about a way to have a default "save to" sub-directory
find the TAG pair 6
 We need a function, when I click on first DIV, it will check and select the closing DIV. and so on for all other tags...
 Review: You can already do this in HTML-Kit. Please check out
Posibility of paste hebrew text in html kit editor5
 I have a page in with some text in hebrew characters. I wish I can copy and paste this text from my page into the html kit editor. May be this is a plugin wish?
 Review: HTML-Kit Tools (this is the latest version of HTML-Kit), has native support for Unicode characters. HTML-Kit 292 (previous version) doesn't have native Unicode support but this UnicodePad plugin may help:
Add Custom Keyboard Shortcuts to Toolbar(s)7
 Would be nice if one could add custom keyboard shortcuts as buttons on toolbars.
 Review: It's possible to do this with HTML-Kit 292 Plugin API. Please check out
i wish44
 i wish i can use htmlkit to open sftp
 Review: Planned for HTML-Kit Tools.
 I want a way, from within HTML-Kit 292, to download files via FTP to my laptop, open them while <em>offline</em>, edit them, and then FTP them back to the server. All, I've found documentation for is how to edit them while connected via FTP.
 Review: This is already possible by downloading files to a local folder.
quotation marks6
 is there a plugin that would allow me to place either single or double quotes so that I wouldn't have to be typing so much?
 Review: Sure, see You could also define a keyboard shortcut under "Tools | Customize | Keyboard Shortcuts"
Hide/Show Lines9
 I come from the mainframe ISPF world. One of the neat features of ISPF editor is that you can exclude (hide) lines. I have not seen this feature in any of the PC based editors, except for Notepad++'s TextViz. A feature to hide/show lines matching certain criteria and copy visible/hidden lines to clipboard etc. would be great. e.g. 1. hide/show lines with pattern/text (either interactive or in clipboard) 2. Find/replace only in visible/hidden lines 3. Copy all visible/hidden lines 4. Macros that ope...
 Review: The ability to do this is in HTML-Kit Tools ("Edit > Code Folding" menu)
Compatiblity to Microsoft IME(Imput Method Editor)16
 Plugin related? Sorry, I am not sure. I just whish I could use Japanese IME. am sure other double bite language users are waiting for it happenes, too.
 Review: HTML-Kit Tools has support for Unicode characters which includes double-byte characters. Please see:
Favicon extraction and conversion FF > IE > Opera11
 A plug in that: 1) extracted favicon base64-encoded data embedded in FF's bookmarks page 2) > converted this FF data it to *ico 3) allowed for pre-embedding of *.ico in new IE favourites / Opera bookmarks etc. (i.e. multi-browser support) WHY? Favicons are a great visual ref for web based research where you can collect 100s of bookmarks in one day. As it stands no known URL manager / Web editor has the capacity to edit favicons across ALL popular browsers. Automating this this proc...
 Review: This might be a bit off-topic for the editor itself, but would be fine as a plugin. For now, may also help.
Site Map24
 getting it read read every link in ever file in side a folder and make a order list
 Review: There's a starter site map plugin in HTML-Kit 292 plugin page.
Linux port14
 I believe that HTMLKIT would take the Linux community by storm as there is nothing that really comes close. This is a BIG wish....but why not THINK BIG!
 Review: In fact, there was a big Linux port and essentially no one cared. That's too big of an investment to go through again, sorry.
U3 software16
 Now I wunder if it would be possible to get it [HTML-Kit] for my flash memory as well.
 Review: HTML-Kit Tools for Windows has support for portable settings and files.
mcCapLet -11
 Please add an option to "customize" the default action when the "mcCaplet" button is pressed. What a great plugin, it's real time saver.
 Review: Mark has updated mcCapLet (version 1.0) to include this option.
Pixel Ruler for preview window13
 A plugin with a pixel ruler along the x and y axes in the preview window.
 Review: You can do this in HTML-Kit Build 292 using the "View | Preview | Show ruler" main menu option.
 The default interface of HTML-Kit seems a little outdated (for the rest a great program). Are there any plans to make more Windows XP like icons (like the file browser, which has Windows 95 like folder icons)? Other programs include the option to change between several skins, maybe this should be an option for users that purchased HTML-Kit.
 Review: Although Build 292 doesn't have support for skins, XP interface is supported. Make sure that "Use Windows 95 style menus" is not checked and that "Use high color icons" is checked under "Edit | Preferences | Misc."
Paste / Paste Special from Word19
 I would love to see a plugin that allows a Paste or Paste Special. Paste Special allows you to strip any encodings from Microsoft Word . When I receive content from content editors in a Word document I have to copy and paste the content into my html editor. When I do that special characters do not render properly and have to be changed to their html entity. For example: quotes.
 Review: You can paste/insert text with special characters as described in this FAQ.
US-International v. US-ASCII13
 Some of us use US-International keyboard definition because it allows to type some characters needed for Spanish, Western European languages and romanized Indic. They are typed by combining the AltGr (right-hand side Alt key) with letter keys. Could you please include a global setting that over-rides or removes all hot keys in the program so that we do not need to cut and paste from notepad each time you need to type a character such as ?
 Review: The related settings are in Build 292 and this FAQ describes how to use these settings to disable Alt hot keys.
(X)HTML Tidy with XHTML 1.119
 Review: HTML Tidy already supports XHTML.
Change hex colours with context menu17
 Looking for a way to insert/edit hex color codes
 Review: The Color Picker ("Actions | Tools | Colors" menu option or the icon on the "Tools" tab) can be used to view, edit and insert colors in multiple modes (6/3 hex values, names, percentages, etc.). Plugins such as hkViewColor can also be used to add extra options related to colors.
Position Fixed15
 Right now it would appear that HTML-Kit does not support the css position property for divisions. A css statement like div { position: fixed} should make that division stay where you specify that it should stay. However, in HTML-Kit preview mode, the statement has not effect. Go to with any modern browser and with HTML kit. It is clear that HTML-kit does not recognize the css statements.
 Review: Since CSS preview is based on the default browser, this is unrelated to HTML-Kit. "View | Preview in Browser" menu options in HTML-Kit can be used to test CSS rendering in a particular browser.
RSS Builder20
 Would like to build a button on my web site so viewers can receive infor/news as changed into their RSS reader?
 Review: hkRSSFromLines can be used to convert plain text to a RSS feed.
a link validator20
 just what i said in the topic, something to double-check your links :)
 Review: irLinkChecker can be used to validate links.
Split View - Editor / Active Preview19
 An option for spliting the view by Editor and Active Preview
 Review: This is already possible by tiling windows ("Window | Tile" menu option) or by manually arranging the windows. It's more efficient to do it this way than to add active preview windows to every editor window.
Tags-Wizard directory list needs to be readable.19
 The Tags-Wizard (Ctrl-K) "Look in" directory list display is way too small. I can only see the first part of the path so I don't know which subdirectory I'm in without looking at each entry. It would be great if it was large enough to read the entire path.
 Review: It's possible to resize the wizard window, which in turn would resize the directory list window.
Offline PHP Preview21
 I wish I could preview PHP files offline by using this software.
 Review: It's possible to preview PHP scripts offline as described in this support document.
editor - indent17
 do you know the "right margin" (edit >preferences >editor >show right margin at column 80)? it is very useful to check the indent of the code, but when the right margin is over the code, you cannot to move it, because the cursor selects the code... how about a shortcut that moves left and right the "right margin"?
 Review: You can move the right margin indicator by hovering the mouse pointer over it and then dragging it (the cursor will change when the mouse pointer is over the right margin indicator).
Lowercase convert of mulitple filenames14
 I can convert a single filename by right-click > Extra > Convert name to lowercase. But when I have a bunch of these (typically digital camera files) it's a big job to convert them. How about allowing selection of multiple files before using this command? OR, providing it in some other way? It would also be terrific if this could be a button on the toolbar, rather than requiring three clicks each time.
 Review: hkBatchChangeFNCase can be used to change the case of multiple name files.
Batch file upload14
 Is there an existing plugin for batch uploading/downloading multiple files? At the moment, it appears that I can only do one file at a time. Doug
 Review: For details on how to upload multiple files, please see this FAQ page.
PHP Document Tree25
 Capability to have a tool window that shows you the document tree as far as functions, variables, constants...etc.
 Review: irPHPInspect has initial support for viewing/locating PHP functions and variables.
customizable autocomplete21
 how about a way to customize the autocomplete-feature, so that for example when you type <table, after pressing the spacebar the autocompleted text could instead of: summary=""> <tr> <td></td> </tr> </table> be: cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" summary=""> <tr> <td></td> </tr> </table> ?
 Review: AutoCompletes can be customized under "Edit | Preferences | Auto Complete"
RSS Plugin21
 Since HTML kit can handle XHTML, and in theory XML, why not a plugin for RSS? The predefined DTD is fairly straightforward, and relatively small. Hence, a skilled plugin developer should be able to create an RSS plugin without too much effort, I would think.
 Review: hkRSSFromLines can be used to convert plain text to a RSS feed.
How about javascript DOM plugin ?21
 How about javascript DOM plugin ?
 Review: The new hkDOMToolHelper plugin can be used to invoke DOM tools.
hkTableStarter -16
 ability to edit <td> and <tr> attributes, such as bgcolor or valign, for entire table, or independently, before creating table.
 Review: The ability to enter custom attributes for TR and TD tags was added to hkTableStarter 0.43.
View properties of tags during typing18
 One is able to auto finish tags when typing them manually but but unable to see list of properties to aid completing the tag customisation. I have to change my html editor to see the required tag properties. Regards
 Review: TagsReminder can display tags, attributes, common values and reusable content.
WYSIWYG ability30
 A plug in that gives hk WYSIWYG development ability.
 Review: Although not a complete solution, it is possible to visually edit text content using the Prototype Pad.
Global Search and replace20
 Have the ability to perform a global search or search and replace for all htm, html files in the current folder with the option to select sub folders or nominated sub folders.
 Review: Batch plugins can be used to perform global search and replace operations in the current folder (and optionally, in sub folders).
Excel to simple HTML plugin26
 Love the app! What would be usefull though would be a plugin that can convert an excel file to a simple html table.
 Review: Table Designer Pro can convert basic Excel files to HTML tables.
Global search and replace21
 It would be nice to have a global search and replace. This would be advantageous if you have numerous files open and you need to change something across all files.
 Review: Batch plugins can be used to perform global search and replace operations.
change umlauts to html-code16
 is there any plugin to change the to the html codes lik &uuml; and so? i'd like when it's doing this WHILE i'm typing
 Review: Keyboard shortcuts or one of the character plugins can be used for this.
 Hi guys, I wish there was a plug-in that would help me edit my Hebrew web apges with HTML Kit !
 Review: "Tools | Unicode | UnicodePad" main menu option can be used to edit non-English Unicode characters.
 Remember the last directory I added images from, so I don't have to go there every time.
 Review: An option to save the last image folder was added to hkThumbnailStarter version 0.41.
hkThumbnailStarter -16
 It would be nice if it could make the thumbnails match the aspect ratio of the original images, rather than having to set it up manually each time. I'm not sure what the 'preserve aspect ratio' is meant to do, but it doesn't do this.
 Review: 26-Oct-2004: The "maintain aspect ratio" option can do this. Please post any questions on the support forum.
Special character set22
 A window where all known HTML entity names along with their ASCII / ISO 8859-1 (Latin-1) character names and codes can be selected
 Review: Several plugins related to character are available on the plugins page.
hkViewColor -18
 I would love to be able to see how the selected color looks with a user specified color (not just black and white). In other words, I would like to see how a color I choose for text will look against the background color of the webpage. Thanks.
 Review: The ability to change background and text colors used in the preview window was added to hkViewColor version 0.91.
Tabbed files21
 I'd really like to have my files opened in tabs. It's a lot more convenient than having a hojillion different file windows open at once.
 Review: HTML-Kit's Task Bar can function as a tabbed file view.
Split windows21
 What about working with a 2-panes window?
 Review: Currently the PopupEditorPad add-on could be used to get a split view of the same document.
ASP/Jscript support21
 Currently all ASP code seems to be treated as using VBScript; it'd be very helpful if there was an option to treat it as Jscript instead.
 Review: Currently the following method could be used to get JavaScript syntax highlighting in ASP files:

<script runat="server" language="javascript">
// your code
 To Connect with FTP over Proxy
 Review: The "FTP Server Properties" dialog in the Workspace has an option to enable proxy settings.
i would like a voice to tag plugin19
 I know there are alot of programs that are alot of programs that are voice to text but I can not find a program made for voice to tag can anyone make this plug in or does anyone know of a program thank You All
 Review: HTML-Kit Plugins Generator can be used to add voice commands. Create a plugin as usual, and then simply enter a voice command under "Advanced | Command Prompt | Commands"
How about a Spelling/Grammar Check?33
 I hate having to paste my code in word.
 Review: HTML-Kit has a live spell checker under "Tools | Spelling." Although there isn't a built-in grammer checker, the MS Office grammar checker can be invoked using the "Tools" menu.
 A integrated style sheet program such as "top-style" would be helpful.
 Review: HTML-Kit can integrate with TopStyle Lite through the Style tab and in several other ways.
XSD validator26
 an xml validator with xml schema support.
 Review: hkXMLV can be used to validate XML.
 i havnt found a spell checker in html kit i went into prefrences and i can instal a dictionary but it would be nice if html kit had its own dictionary
 Review: You can invoke the spell checker using the "Tools | Spelling" main menu option.
compare files35
 It can be very usefull to compare the code of two different versions of a file side by side with changed code highlight...
 Review: hkWinMergeHelper can be used to compare files/code.
mcHeaderP - custom tags21
 A way to specify tags other than <h?>/<p> for starting and ending "headers"/"paragraphs".
 Review: mcMultiTag can do this and more.
Grammar check31
 Need Grammar check plugin that can be incorpoarted with the web application
 Review: Although there isn't a built-in grammer checker, the MS Office grammar checker can be invoked using the "Tools" menu.
easy multi file editor27
 Could you make the program so that you can jump between files just as on the tools-toolbar at the top.
 Review: You can edit multiple files and jump between them using the HTML-Kit Task Bar.
menu:help/Keyboard Shortcuts...23
 It would be great to help teach myself HTMLkit quickly if I could find all available keyboard shortcuts in one spot. Although a listing of default shortcuts would be great, a compiled listing of all shortcuts would be better! cheers
 Review: 29-Mar-2004: The "Help > Keyboard Shortcuts" main menu displays a list of default and custom keyboard shortcuts in HTML-Kit.
SCP too!146
 In addition to support sftp it would also be nice to support scp (secure file copy).
 Review: HTML-Kit 292 doesn't have native support for SCP. SFTP support is planned for HTML-Kit Tools.
 Make the file browser or some other form of plugin capable of connecting to a sftp folder
 Review: Planned for HTML-Kit Tools.
Batch Find and Batch Replace37
 A multiple line batch find and replace is greatly needed.
 Review: cmBatchFind and cmBatchReplace plugins can be used to find and replace multiple lines, however the find expression has to be entered manually since the current user interface doesn't provide a multi-line find field. Sample multi-line find expression: line1\r\nline2\r\nline3 and replace string: lineOne\nLineTwo\nLineThree ("\n" and "\r\n" are the line ending characters)
 The shell-window with no autoclose after class-completion.
 Review: 23-Mar-2004: An option to run command-line applications without closing the Command Prompt window was added to version 0.91 of hkRunJavaApp.
Expanded version of TagTreeLite33
 You are on to something awesome with TagTreeLite. What would be really cool is if you could view your entire site like the TagTree view, including functions in Java, VBScript, etc etc, and then expand those functions if you want to edit them...maybe same thing with tables....I'm sure you know that keeping track of a long script is such a burden, if you could make it so we can just collapse away the parts that don't matter you can eliminate 99.9% of my programming headaches. Also, it would be nice if ...
 Review: HTML-Kit TagTree Pro add-on makes it easier to jump to function definitions and scan the document for language-neutral keywords.
 I set a lot of text that requires indenting of first lines, but are not in paragraphs, so CSS cannot be used. How about a plug-in that would insert a selected number of non-breaking spaces?
 Review: 15-Mar-2004: The mcInsertSpaces plugin can now be used to insert a specific number of &nbsp; entities.
Integrated terminal to run commands when I save20
 I would like to run file-specific commands in a terminal window whenever I save a file. (Move, compile, etc.)
 Review: HTML-Kit Build 292 has a built-in customizable Command Prompt window.
Links Page HTML Generator31
 How about a plug-in that could generate an entire Links page in HTML? One in which we would just have to create a plain text document containing a list of web page titles and URLs, and the Links Page Generator could automatically generate a Links page by viewing that text file.
 Review: gmPageLinks can be used to generate a links page from the current document, a remote web page or a comma delimited file.
Tag counter & matcher35
 A plugin that tallies the number of occurances of each tag and checks that there is a corresponding closing tag. After this it would generate a neatly, nested tag based representation of the file so the editor can clearly see what tags, if any, are missing and also if there are any overlapping tags. This would help save editors time by not having to search through long, unformatted code line-by-line to fix errors.
 Review: The HTML Tidy plugin can be used to check for missing end tags and other common HTML coding errors/typos. The hkTagTreeLite plugin could be used to view/navigate the document structure.
Tag Plugin36
 Hey, guys. How about you make a plugin that shows a complete list of every single HTML Tag? That would be the BEST!
 Review: There are two plugins on the Tools tab that list all HTML tags and attributes.
 It'd be nice (although probably slower) to be able to have direct access to ssh servers, rather than create tunnels.
 Review: SFTP support is planned for HTML-Kit Tools.
PHP - PERL like Regular Expression84
 A plug in that helps visually build regexpr for PHP.
 Review: Under development.
gmMetaKeywords-build a metatag53
 how about a way to build a complete meta "keywords" tag? :)
 Review: Under development.
gmMetaKeywords - copy keywords45
 how about a way to copy the different keywords? :)
 Review: Under development.
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