Block Select

Select text in block/rectangular mode

This sub menu containsBlock Select Right,   Block Select Left,   Block Select to End of Line,   Block Select to Start of Line,   Block Select Down,   Block Select Up,   Block Select Page Down,   Block Select Page Up

Menu pathEdit > Block Select

Accelerator keyK   (from the main menu: Alt+E > K)

Options on parent menu (Edit+)Undo,   Redo,   Cut,   Copy,   Paste,   Cut Extra+,   Copy Extra+,   Paste Plus+,   Delete+,   Select+,   Block Select+,   Find,   Find Next,   Incremental Search,   Replace+,   Go To+,   Navigate+,   Bookmarks and Marks+,   Code Folding+,   Extra+,   Copy to Editor,   Preferences

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