Go To Last Position

Use this toGo to the last caret position.

Before invokingA document must be open to use this option.

Menu pathEdit > Navigate > Go To Last Position

Command nameMGoToLastPos

Accelerator keyP   (from the main menu: Alt+E > V > P)

Keyboard shortcutAlt+F2

Options on parent menu (Navigate+)Go To Matching Brace,   Go To Last Position,   Scroll View Down,   Scroll View Up,   Beginning of Document,   End of Document,   Next Page,   Previous Page,   Next Text Paragraph,   Previous Text Paragraph,   End of Line,   Beginning of Line,   End or Last Non-Whitespace of Line,   Beginning or First Non-Whitespace of Line,   End of Row in Wrapped Line,   Beginning of Row in Wrapped Line,   Next Word,   Previous Word,   Next Word Caps,   Previous Word Caps,   Next Character,   Previous Character

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