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HTML-Kit Tools was developed from ground up to support portable devices. It can travel with you on your USB key, for example, for making quick updates to your sites from anywhere. This makes it possible to take your projects, snippets, plugins and similar files on your favoirte USB drive, along with HTML-Kit Tools.

To add HTML-Kit Tools to your USB drive, plug it in and select "Kit > Portable Installation..." from the HTML-Kit Tools main menu. The "Kit" menu is usually located on the top right hand corner.

You're now ready to run HTML-Kit Tools on any supported system that allows running applications from portable devices. You can also use this method to keep your files on the desktop computer and the laptop in sync.

If your cellphone, MP3 player or camera makes it possible to store files (a feature sometimes called mass storage), you can keep HTML-Kit files there as a backup in case you forget to pack your thumbdrive.

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