Installation - Frequently Asked Questions

Downloading HTML-Kit Tools
Where can I get HTML-Kit Tools?
HTML-Kit Tools is available to the registered users of HTML-Kit. Registered users can download the latest HTML-Kit Tools updates from the User Assistant. Please see the Help section in the User Assistant for information on how to create a login and download extras.
What do I get if I register HTML-Kit?
The registered users of HTML-Kit get access to extra HTML-Kit 292 add-ons, the latest HTML-Kit Tools alphas and a free upgrade to the final release of HTML-Kit Tools 1.0. For the current list of extras and for more information, please see HTML-Kit registration.
Installing HTML-Kit Tools
What are the minimum requirements for running HTML-Kit Tools?

A computer with the following minimum requirements is needed to run HTML-Kit Tools.

  • Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003 or 2000
  • 500 MHz or faster Pentium-compatible processor
  • 128 MB of system RAM
  • 8 MB of free disk space
How do I install HTML-Kit Tools?
Installing HTML-Kit Tools is as simple as running the setup wizard. You can find more information including minimum requirements on this page.

In addition to the standard installation, HTML-Kit Tools can also be installed on portable devices such as USB drives.

How do I open HTML-Kit Tools?
HTML-Kit Tools will be added to the Windows Start menu under "Programs > HTML-Kit Tools" when you run the setup program. You can use this icon to open HTML-Kit Tools.
Upgrading from HTML-Kit 292
How do I find out which version of HTML-Kit I'm using?
If you select "Help > About" from the main menu, the build or the version number should be displayed near the top of the dialog.
I'm currently using HTML-Kit 292. Can I use both?
Yes, you can install HTML-Kit Tools without uninstalling HTML-Kit 292. You'll be able to continue using HTML-Kit 292 with the plugins you've installed. It's even possible to open both HTML-Kit Tools and HTML-Kit 292 at the same time to exchange data between the two applications.
I don't have HTML-Kit 292. Do I have to install it first?
No, you can install and use HTML-Kit Tools even if you haven't installed HTML-Kit 292.
I have many FTP servers in HTML-Kit 292 Workspace. How difficult would it be to import them to HTML-Kit Tools?
You can import FTP server and local folder settings by selecting "File > Projects > Import HTML-Kit 292 Workspace" from the main menu in HTML-Kit Tools.
Will every HTML-Kit 292 plugin I have work in HTML-Kit Tools?
HTML-Kit Tools has a new plugins interface and a new set of plugins. Popular HTML-Kit 292 plugins like bsStyle, tmCSS, twJavaScript, bsPHPMySQL and more are already available for HTML-Kit Tools. Other HTML-Kit 292 plugins are being considered on request (please use "Help > Feedback" main menu option to send your requests). In some cases, it may not even be necessary to install a plugin because HTML-Kit Tools has many built-in features that replace functionality previously only available through plugins.
Reinstalling HTML-Kit Tools
How do I move HTML-Kit Tools to a new computer?
  • Install HTML-Kit Tools on the new computer.
  • Close Tools on both the new computer and the old computer.
  • Copy *.hsf files in the installation directory from the old computer to the new computer. By default, HTML-Kit Tools is installed to 'C:\Program Files\HTML-Kit\Tools\bin\'.
  • Finally, restart Tools on the new computer. The projects, snippets, preferences and other information from the old installation should now appear in the new installation.
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