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What's HTML-Kit Tools?
HTML-Kit Tools is the new version of HTML-Kit.
What's HTML-Kit Build 300 then?
HTML-Kit Build 300 was another name for HTML-Kit Tools.
When the development of HTML-Kit Tools started, it was referred to as Build 300. HTML-Kit Build 288 was one of the very early versions of HTML-Kit. Then came Build 290, followed by Build 292. HTML-Kit Build 300 would have been the logical name for the next version in line. However, because of the many new features in this latest version, it's now called HTML-Kit Tools.
When will HTML-Kit Tools be available?
HTML-Kit Tools is available now. It's been in use side-by-side HTML-Kit 292 and in production environments since late 2006.
Is HTML-Kit Tools an incremental update to HTML-Kit 292?
No, HTML-Kit Tools is a new version written from the ground up to support current and emerging standards. On the other hand, it's still rooted in years of experience with previous versions of HTML-Kit.
What's new in HTML-Kit Tools?
There are many new major features in HTML-Kit Tools, including a more intuitive user interface; projects with virtual and remote/FTP folders; code folding; ability to take HTML-Kit Tools, settings, templates and plugins in portable USB devices; out-of-the-box file versioning and backup; new HTML Tidy interface that can highlight suggested code improvements; document structure and functions view for HTML, XHTML, XML, CSS and scripts including PHP; and many more.
For a list of the latest additions, please see HTML-Kit Tools Change Log. You can also view screenshots and videos.
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